January 29, 2022

Waffles with whipped cream and Overnght oats with choc chip cookies and macaron

Bahasa dan video seminit di bawah :)

English version and a minute video below :)

At dawn of previous day, prepared overnight oats | Senja sebelumnya buat oats semalaman

Waffles were made 10 pieces a   few days before |  beberapa hari lepas buat waffle 10 biji

Initially planned to reheat the overnight oats for supper, as I doubted that my tummy would tolerate chilled meal in the cold early morning. 

Since I woke up a bit late and wanted to take photos of the quiet morning, so just took risk by eating it cold. And I also added waffle to release the feel of desserts eating later 

It was a good choice of having oats and waffles as I ended up feeling full and energized through out the fasting day. 

By the way, for the overnight oats, I never realised that we were short of dried fruits, so I added choc chips cookies and macaron as topping instead, it was tasty amazingly. 

Happy Friday ❤️

Rancangnya nak panaskan oats untuk sahur, rasa was was pula samada perut ni boleh terima ke tidak makanan yang sejuk gedi sebelum waktu subuh.

Dahla bangun lewat sikit, nak juga ambil foto waktu sahur yang sunyi dan nyaman, terpaksa la bertawakkal makan oats tu sejuk-sejuk. Sekali harung  tambah waffle, melepas selera pencuci mulut kut-kut terasa lol. 

Alhamdulillah pilihan terbaik menjamah oats dan waffle, kerana terasa kenyang dan bertenaga sepanjang hari berpuasa. 

Nak jadi cerita, oat semalaman tu, tak sangka stok buah kering elek (tamil - habis), saya campur cookies chip coklat dengan macaron sebagai toppingnya, memang sedap. 

Salam Jumaat ❤️

January 26, 2022

Mustard Greens & Mushroom Mix Vege | Sawi Bunga & Sayur Campur Cendawan

Bahasa dan video seminit di bawah :) 

English version and a minute video below :) 

Came back from Teh Tarik Place as in album on 12th Nov 21,  as for dinner, I cooked mushroom mix with baby spinach. 

¦ Balik dari Teh Tarik Place tu pada 12hb Nov 21, masak cendawan dan baby spinach pada malam tu. 

On 15 Nov 21, I had fried Sawi Bunga (Green Mustard) for dinner. |  Pada malam 15 Nov 21 pula makan sawi bunga goreng. 

Feel like starting all over again for night green meals when I saw the previous photos of fibre rich servings. 

It looked like I've made it halfway eating low carb when nights fall. It was declining towards December as the mood was for holiday feasts.

When I heard or saw any friends or relatives went on for holiday overseas, I tended to treat myself with travelling food. 

This year I started having supper to fast for the day, skipping lunch, have dinner to break fast. But then, I can't eat vege for that particular day, so I am back with rice but quarter of carbo, quarter of vege and half of protein. 

Back to the vege above, it was delicious and flavorful because I cooked it with fish sauce. It tasted like broth or fish stock. Anyway, there is food tech (fish stock) in there that made it yummy :) 

Happy Wednesday 💖

Rasa nak mula balik semula untuk jamahan hijau bila jatuh malam hari, sejak nampak gambar makanan kaya fiber je. 

Nampak gaya, dah berjaya separuh jalan untuk makan rendah karbo. SubhanAllah. Mula menurun sejak bulan Disember bila mood makan makanan percutian. 

Tambahan lihat sedara mara, kawan, pergi bercuti di luar negara, terjebak pula melayan diri dengan makanan percutian pula. 

Tahun ini saya dah mula makan sahur sebelum subuh, berpuasa sunat/bayar seharian, berbuka di waktu senja. Tapi itula, berbuka mestilah makan nasi, cuba juga ala diet suku suku separuh, di mana separuh tu ayam atau ikan.

Berbalik ke sayur di atas, teramat sedap sebab saya letak sos ikan. Rasa sos tu macam rebusan sup atau serbuk perasa. Ada la tu dalamnya bahan teknologi makanan ala kimia yang menyedapkan :) 

Salam Rabu 💖

January 24, 2022

Baked beans and Fried potatoes | kacang panggang dari Ayam Brand dan ubi goreng

Bahasa dan video seminit di bawah :)

English version and a minute below :) 

Thought of doing laundry Saturday morning and having baked beans. 

| Nak membasuh pagi sabtu dan rasa nak makan kacang panggang

Looked for sausage but found Chicken patty. | 

Mencari sosej tapi nampak burger daging ayam

Tried to figure out, how my routine would be if I make some changes a bit?

Should I buy things to fix like a dryer? As I've been doing at people's house i.e. drying clothes for my parents, it was so easy to wash and dry. While it took time even with the issues of global warming in this tropical sunny country, it did settle in a short time; Yet, you still need to wait. 

Let our mentality leads to use on what we have first, and not to involve with additional cost second. God blessed..I still settled freely with the abundant free solar :) 

OK, I had chicken patty and baked beans, potatoes with salad for that lazy (or productive?) Saturday morning hehe.. (only two tasks for the 1/4 morning time) 

Happy Monday 💗

Tengah kira-kira bagaimanalah akibatnya  jika saya buat perubahan sedikit dalam hidup ini. 

Patutkan saya beli barang tertentu macam mesin pengering? Sebabnya, terbawa rasa senang ja nak membasuh dan mengeringkan pakaian emakbapa  di rumah orang. Ambil masa dan mesin tu memanaskan suasana di dalam negara yang sudah sedia panas tapi selesai sekejap ja, walaupun mestilah menunggu.  

Biarlah pemikiran ini mengarah kepada menggunakan dulu dengan apa yang ada, dan tidak membabitkan lebih wang ringgit ni. SubhanAllah! Terselesai juga dan percuma ja, dengan kuasa yang melimpah ruah dari solar mentari :) 

OK, saya menjamah daging ayam burger Ramly dengan kacang panggang, ubi goreng bersama salad di hari santai (atau produktif?) sabtu pagi hehe.. (baru 2 tugasan kan untuk 1/4 pagi) 

Salam Isnin 💗

January 21, 2022

Prep foods - Overnights Oats / Marinated Chicken | Presediaan Awal Ayam Perap dan Oats Semalaman

Bahasa dan video seminit di bawah :)

English and one minute video below :)

Been out and about, tried to make oats and  marinated chicken for one or two days servings. |

Selalu keluar ke sana sini, cuba buat oats dan ayam perap untuk satu dua hari hidangan

Manage to make 4 jars of oats and 2 containers of sliced chickens. | Dapatla buat 4 balang oats dan 2 bekas ayam yang di potong. 

When tight routine rushed in, I breathed slowly and keep calm. I priotized my needs of everyday needs. 

Love to start with a good breakfast, I preferred the green vege with protein. But I also tolerated anything else too, with as good as it gets. 

Preparation for oats 

1:1 which is 1 cup of rolled oats and 1 cup of milk, some dried fruits and I also add sliced bananas when serving. 

Another mix was same as above but I layered it with sliced bananas in the middle. 

As for the marinated chicken, I deboned the drumsticks in a box and chicken breasts in another one. Both of them seasoned with italian herb mix and honey. 

These prep food made my life easier for few days and pocket saving too, at least a few ringgits. 

Happy Friday ❤️

Bila rutin yang padat menjelma, saya bawa bertenang dan nafas perlahan-lahan. I utamakan keperluan setiap hari. 

Gemar memulakan hari dengan sarapan yang baik,  lebih suka sayuran hijau dan protin. Tapi juga bertoleransi dengan apa yang baik itu lah yang bagus.  

Persediaan untuk oats

1:1 di mana 1 cawan oats yang digelek (rolled) dan 1 cawan susu, sikit buah kering dan ditambah hirisan pisang bila nak makan tu.

Yang set jar kedua tu, sama macam di atas tapi di lapiskan dengan pisang diantara oats dan buah kering.

Untuk ayam pula, saya keluarkan tulang dulu untuk isi peha. Bahagian dada ayam pula dipotong dan diletak dalam bekas berlainan. Kedua duanya dilumur dengan rempah campuran Itali dengan madu. 

Proses 'prep food' ni dapatlah menyenangkan hidup saya untuk beberapa hari dan InsyaAllah juga menyelamatkan duit poket, beberapa ringgit, sekurang kurangnya. 

Salam Jumaat ❤️

January 18, 2022

Kentucky Fried Chicken | Ayam KFC

Bahasa dan video seminit di bawah :)

English version and a minute video below :)

Brought KFC to visit parents| | Berbekalkan KFC untuk menjenguk emak bapa

This time around I took along the whole entourage to visit. We planned to overnight for one or two nights

Upon arriving, we set up the 'pop up' tents again, we found it was pretty convenient to have our own 'caves' and not bothered to set up any bedsheet in any room. 

I encouraged kids to stay outdoors more than inside. First day arrived there, adik refused to swim in the pool. I swam with abang, she wanted to stay in and sneaked on the cats. Unfortunately, no one took any photo of me while floating in the pool. 

The second day, early in the morning adik was excited and warmed up to jump in the water. I took photos of them and filmed the kaffir lime (limau purut) that bore a lot of fruits. 

After tired of swimming, adik came out and had nasi bungkus. This year, we started eating back homecook meals. Early on, we were not sure where we're supposed to settle in; either the hustle bustle spot or scenic nature which was not so off grid. 

Love having KFC after a good time swimming in the pool. Any food would also tasted good after the recreational activities. 

Happy Tuesday ❤️

Untuk kali ini saya bawa seluruh angkatan untuk meluangkan masa mereka bersama mak tok dan tok wan. Rancangnya ialah untuk bermalam satu atau dua malam. 

Semasa sampai tu, kami terus naikkan khemah 'pop up', kami pun suka pula dan rasa mudah ada 'gua' kami sendiri. Tak payah nak pasang cadar di bilik. 

Saya galakkan anak-anak lebih berada di luar daripada duduk didalam rumah. Pada hari pertama, adik enggan masuk ke dalam kolam renang. Saya mandi terus dengan abang. Mungkin adik nak duduk didalam sebab nak memerhati kucing. Sedihnya tiada siapa ambil foto saya yang sedang terapung.

Pada hari kedua pula, awal pagi lagi adik dah teruja dan mesra alam untuk lompat dalam air. Saya ambil video mereka dan juga pokok limau purut yang banyak benar buahnya.

Selepas letih berenang adik naik keatas dan makan nasi bungkus. Tahun ni dah mula balik makan masakkan di rumah. Pada awalnya tak pasti lagi nak melabuh di dalam kesibukkan bandaraya atau di alam nyaman yang tak berapa hijau 'off-grid' sangat.

Suka makan KFC selepas berenang atau berendam. Rasanya semua makanan pun rasa sedap lepas beriadah kan. 

Salam Selasa❤️

January 16, 2022

Egg and Salmon at Coffee Bean

Bahasa dan video seminit di bawah :)

English version and one minute video below :)

Lunch after chaos in the morning when dad has no clothes to wear when I accidentally put all in the washer | makan tengahari setelah melalui saat kelam kabut bila semua baju bapa masuk dalam mesin basuh untuk dicuci

Went to pharmacy to get some aid stock | Singgah farmasi dapatkan stok aid. 

Planned in the morning to go to the bank. Since all dad's clothes ended up in the washer, we decided to buy him shirt first. But then, we found one and only malay tradition shirt (baju melayu). Dad could come along afterall, and his mood turn better as to get a new shirt.

After we stopped at the pharmacy, yes..we chose the one that by the roadside coz we didn't want to take a long time there.

We tried to figure out a mall that was relatively 'quiet', and we found Quill mall that wasn't with too many people. Just right after the entrance is the H&M boutique. I was worry since it was kind of brandy and pricey clothes store, but turned out it was only about RM40+ for a nice shirt for dad.

Then dad gave us money, as a way to say thank you for bringing him to the mall for shopping. I tended to do the same like dad somehow, but some say 'no need, no need' refusing to accept it. OK by me.

Sometimes when we had a nice meal, I told my kids that this was from someone, whom I try to gave her/him money, but he/she refused. So, I assumed that they 'belanja' us (their treat) in a way.

Opps overboard. Grateful, we stopped for sandwich and pasta. It was delicious, and guess everybody knows it. 

Happy Sunday ❤️

Rancang di pagi hari, hendak ke bank. Dah sedar yang baju bapa semuanya termasuk dalam mesin basuh. Kami ingat beli baju dulu. Tiba tiba kami terjumpa satu-satunya baju iaitu baju melayu. Bapa boleh la ikut sekali, tapi dia dah 'terjebak' dalam mood nak beli baju baru. 

Setelah berhenti di farmasi, cari yang tepi jalan sebab tak nak duduk lama lama, lengang juga pagi-pagi di KL. 

Kami cuba cari mall yang lengang juga, nampaknya Mall Quill tak ramai orang. Di pintu masuk ja dah bertebung dengan pintu kedai baju H&M. Risau juga takut mahal, tapi tak pula cuma RM40 lebih untuk kemeja yang lawa. 

Bapa bagi duit dekat kami, sebagai tanda terima kasih kepada kami kerana bawa dia shopping kut, macamana pun saya terikut dengan caranya tu. 

Kadang kadang apabila kami makan makanan sedap, saya beritahu abang adik yang ni dari seseorang yang saya bagi duit, tapi dia beri balik atau ada yang tak terima, jadi ni kira merekalah yang belanja. 

Alamak terlebih cerita pula. Alhamdulillah kami berehat makan sandwich dan pasta. Memang sedap, boleh kata semua orang tahu. 

Salam Ahad ❤️

January 8, 2022

Scrambled eggs Sandwich and learn journaling | Sandwic Telur hancur dan belajar menulis jurnal

Bahasa dan video seminit di bawah :)

English version and a minute video below :)

Brought kids overnight in KL | Bawa abang adik bermalam di KL

Camping in the sky while journaling | berkhemah di awangan sesambil berjurnal

Overnight in KL for a few days to accompany grandparents who had stayed there for awhile. 

I briefed abang adik on how to take care of grandparents. Take turn to accompany them watching any documentary or sitting together for tea or dinner. 

At the same time, I introduced and familiarized for abang adik in the art of journaling. I'm not really sure how to start at first, but I started with like 'what I studied' .. or 'I practiced' ..or just write a date first.. like jotting a diary more or less. 

Woke up, we cooked scrambled eggs. Had it with bread in Kuala Lumpur City. 

Happy Saturday ❤️

Bermalam untuk beberapa hari bagi menemani emak bapa yang tinggal di KL tak pasti berapa lama.

Bagi taklimat  kat abang dan adik cara nak jaga tok mereka. Bergilir teman tok samada masa tonton dokumentari atau duduk untuk minum atau makan. 

Pada masa yang sama, cuba bagi abang adik berjinak dengan seni berjurnal. Saya tak pasti bagaimana tapi bermula dengan 'saya belajar' .. atau 'saya berlatih' .. atau mula dengan menulis haribulan dulu.. macam coretan dalam dairi lebih kurang.. 

Bangun pagi, terus masak telur hancur. Alhamdulillah. Makan bersama roti di bandaraya Kuala Lumpur. 

Salam Sabtu ❤️

January 7, 2022

Mixed Rice from Pelita Restaurant and watched BBC's Lifestyle Channel | Nasi Kandar Pelita dan tonton Siaran Lifestyle dari BBC

Bahasa dan video seminit di bawah :) 

English version and one minut video below :) 

Fried chicken, curry, vege n rice

Being in KL with dad, he wanted Southern Asian Rice | berada di Kl, bapa mahukan Nasi Kandar

Dad wanted to have it at the restaurant, sadly gone are the days on outing like that | Bapa mahukan makan di restoran tapi sedih hari kegemilangan keluar lepak sudah jarang buat kami. 

I ordered for delivery, we then waited... And had it for lunch. We ate quietly and dad told that he accepted what had happened due to pandemic. 

Later on after lunch, we watched BBC's Lifestyle with the projector screen as here don't have TV.

Since my parents stayed overnight in KL, I headed back home in the heavy rain. This is when the doa from verses that ocean split of Prophet Moses crossed my mind, to make the road cleared from torrential rainwater and heavy traffic. Verse 26 :63.


It was December Rain. 

Happy Friday❤️

Saya buat pesanan untuk penghantaran makanan, kami pun menunggu... Dan makan tengahari dengan nasi kandar Pelita. Dan bapa cakap dia terima takdir macam ni akibat pandemik yang melanda dunia. 

Selepas makan, kami nonton siaran Lifestyle dari BBC dengan skrin projektor sebab disini takda TV. 

Oleh kerana parents bermalam di KL. Saya pun bergerak pulang ke rumah di dalam hujan. Masa nilah baru hendak ingat ayat-ayat Surah laut terbelah terutama ayat Nabi Musa AS untuk melancarkan perjalanan dalam air hujan lebat dan trafik padat dengan kenderaan. Surah 26:63. 

Hujan Disember ni. 

Salam Jumaat ❤️

January 6, 2022

Baked Potatoes with Bolognese sauce | Ubi bakar dengan sos spageti Bolognese

Bahasa dan video seminit  di bawah :)

English version and one minute video below :) 

Acknowledged that eating real food in their original form is good | Dapat pengetahuan yang makan makanan baik adalah dalam keadaan ia asal. 

So potatoes were chosen |

 Jadi ubi kentang terpilih

Since eating processed food was inevitable while I am outside, I tried baking potatoes just like that. 

Cut them into pieces, sprinkled with oil and bake for 25 mins I think, in the oven. Then, I scooped up the bolognese sauce from the dinner leftover and put on top of the potato wedges to eat it with. 

Kind of fusion and rare but simply tasty. Might try it like this again. Still on the 2021 throwback meal. 

Happy Thursday ❤️

Sejak makan makanan proses tidak dapat dielakkan bila di luar, saya cuba bakar ubi kentang dalam ketuhar macam tu jer. 

Potong ala kadar macam 'wedges', tuang minyak dan bakar dalam 25 minit kot. 

Ceduk sesudu sos bolognese yang disimpan dari makan malam untuk dimakan bersama. 

Macam makanan fusion dan jarang pula tapi sedap secukup rasa. Alhamdulillah. Mungkin nak buat lagi. Masih tentang hidangan tahun 2021 ni. 

Salam Khamis ❤️

January 4, 2022

Shrimp paste Fried Rice and Movie Jungle Cruise 2021 (Disney). | Nasi Goreng Belacan and Watch the movie Jungle Cruise 2021 by Disney

Bahasa dan video seminit di bawah :) 

English version and a minute video below :) 

Arrived home late evening, straight pounded with mortar all the ingredients. |

 Sampai rumah dah malam, terus tumbuk bahan-bahan dengan batu lesung. 

Fast prepared and yummy meal like this gave time for movie. | Makanan cepat dalam penyediaan dan sedap macam ni dapatlah menyusul untuk tonton wayang. 

It crossed my mind to make the simple fried rice with shrimp paste and thinly sliced fish cake.   

So I quickly cut all the onion, garlic, chillie flakes and put them in the mortar.  Sauteed it, mix with rice. 

Made a volcano hole around the rice, broke the egg in it, and let it cooked a bit and mixed well with rice. 

The food was delicious and quite filling. We went up for prayers and lie down for movie time. 'Jungle Cruise' was an enjoyable adventure movie, plots thickening with inquisitive ending.

That's it the activity of the night without any plans :) 

Happy Tuesday ❤️

Terlintas di minda nak kan nasi goreng ringkas dengan belacan dan fish cake dipotong nipis.

Jadi hiris bawang, bawang putih, kepingan cili dan masuk dalam batu lesung. Tumis semua dalam belanga, campur nasi sejuk. 

Buat lubang ala gunung berapi, pecah telur didalamnya dan biar masak sikit dan gaul sebati. 

Begitu enak sekali dan mengenyangkan. Naik keatas, solat dan terus melunjur sambil tonton filem yang mengasyikkan iaitu 'Jungle Cruise', setiap babak penuh misteri, tertunggu-tunggu apa pengakhirannya. Itu jer lah aktiviti malam itu yang tanpa dirancang :) 

Salam Selasa ❤️

January 3, 2022

Oatmeal Pancake with strawberry and strawberry juice

Bahasa dan video seminit di bawah :)

English version and one minute video below :)

Just remember I had strawberries in the freezer a week before.| | Baru teringat ada stroberi di peti ais dah seminggu. 

Thought the frozen strawberries would still be good. | ingat stroberi beku masih sedap. 

It has been long time that I hadn't have oatmeal pancake, so I made them. I made a lot, like 10 servings. 

We ate 2 each and kept the rest for frozen. I was excited to defrost the strawberries and wanted to eat them raw. Turned out the strawberries was watery after thawed. 

I immediately decided to make strawberry juice instead. It was good and refreshing. 

That's it, felt good that I made a low carb breakfast  once in awhile :) 

Happy Monday and wish you all a blessed new year of 2022 ❤️

Dah lama tak makan pancake yang beroats, alhamdulillah terbuatnya suatu pagi. Dapatla dalam 10 biji. 

Kami makan 2 biji seorang dan simpan selebihnya untuk dibekukan. Saya teruja nak nyahbekukan stroberi dan menjamahnya.  Tapi ia berair dan lain rasa dari buah berri beku dari kilang. 

Saya terus tukar fikiran dan segera buat jus stroberi.  Alhamdulillah jadi elok dan menyegarkan. 

Itu saja, rasa lega juga dapat buat sarapan rendah karbo sekali sekala :) 

Doakan tahun baru penuh baraqah and rahmah. 💗 Salam Isnin ❤️ 


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