March 15, 2013

Henna, hair, hand

Evening walk takes me to draw hand and color hair with henna. Its sunnah as to deco hands and fingers as if it stands as jewelleries. I love looking at it, so artistic and outstanding. Its inexpensive, individual's preference and its indian art. Have you tried it, did you feel precious:)

Son, sun, shine

Taking my son out under the sun shined my life, I love wear him in my arms. It has been sometime though. Lately I took him walking on the busy road, drag him to snap photos or else in the mall we dine. Sometimes he didnt want to come along, in fact he waved bye and said see you later ;)
I find its weird, perhaps my young man has his life better at home. Tv, thrill, time,
With love,

Arms, Admire, Act

I appreciate my time and my energy spend to work out more on arms and give less pressure on my legs this time since I have been walking lately. I rest my left leg while activate my right leg, side feet and whole right arm. It takes strong inhale and breathe smoothly to straighten the spine slight horizontal by using core muscle (tummy)to tuck in, hip slight forward infront. Relax the other part of body in the air towards the sky.
Stay in the position to admire the flexiblity and smooth breathing and awareness of resting the other muscle. Breathe slowly while the oxigen going to the brain and vain. I earn freshness and gain inner peace as to start being grateful is the act of doing of what I am granted without asking is the soul in me.
While in the pose, I come back to focus on my breathing and feel relaxness. Have faith in myself, free to share. Yes the act, it takes you, the air that you breathe and action...Hope my dear readers can try the pose. I wish you all happy trying, remember to activate the whole palm grip the earth, not the wrist nor fingers and always listen to your body, if it says ouch, stop and relax. Execise, energizes your enthusiams,
with love,


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