February 26, 2013

action, activated, art

Morning walk discovery before breakfast. During weekend we went for a walk, this time we chose our own city and artistically explored one of the cafe's wall.

It started by reading words is easy said than done but action as easy as acted with enthusiasms. As I read in a book title Thinking Big was said be activated. I find once activated, we must be proactively act on our routine activities, when lucky we find art in it which is more than fine weekend. Glad we acted :)
Purpose, proactive, peace, 

February 22, 2013

Langkawi Island, Kedah

We landed at the Langkawi Island +Travel to Langkawi island Malaysia information , yet from the ocean we explored. We were fortunate to get invited to hit the wave in a motor yacht's relatives. From the experience on the boat had given us to be real travellers as to limit ourselves in packing, shrinking the size of belongings, get comfy from the start as to end the day with cargo pants as nighties, small thin towels to give space for souvenirs if any.

sunset lighted us up

Langkawi is like a small continent with an international airport +Langkawi International Airport proved it can be one. But in atlas, Langkawi is a part of +Kedah state, full of lagend with nostalgia but develop into an island of fantasy that people fancy about of Tasik Dayang Bunting, the local believed that the lake water has some magical ingredients that could fulfill wishes of unfortunate childless couple to gain fertility - source from

The coincident magically happened to our cousin who longed for a baby ended up with 3 babies after soaked in the water under the sun of Tasik Dayang Bunting. It is a worth the trip with a small boat to get there, the eagle ushering from the sky, arrived at the lush green of old trees around the lake.

enjoy the fresh air in horizon

Langkawi's view is spectacular from the sea, the different kind of blue sky and sea is vast enuf to relax our eyes. The motor yacht itself is amazing with the homelike mobile home. The ride was the joyous ride. At the marina the meeting point, one by one climbed the boat, placed the bags in secured area and the captain asked about the readiness to navigate ahead the ocean. On the ocean, the breeze blew our face awaken us the best feeling with gratefulness.

lucky we're welcomed to a luxury yacht of a friend's

Hands raised pointing +Gunung Mat Cincang on the right, another pointed the fishermen boats, eyes looking forward to stopping at the nicest spot to swim and for some photos snapping.

The love of boating is part of travelling near or far, it is another horizon to put on next track. Hope we are on the right rail, so are you, gear up to travel though as close to send a kid to school, just amazing what and how you discover.


Love and fond greeting from us,


shanti and mowgli represent our love for nature and wild life that we are heading to visit

February 20, 2013

3 little words

When the change of the year on the last day of 2012, I wished myself  - ritual,  revive, renew so that the new year 2013 will be positive, productive, purified. I have never thought that the purified happened first. Suddenly and out of expectation, it turned my life awaken in asleep. It is a good sign, wake up during midnight usually because of my babies asked for supper milk, what was I supposed to do, go back to sleep will never happen but only after they are full. So I take a chance to ritual, could change for the betterment, calm in the after. The ritual is not easy in the morning though, it eases many complicated things. Ritual is tahajud or hajat or simply any solat sunat.

My life is newed  because we had change so much in the menu, we got to go for a walk after work. The new maid cook healthy as she grilled most with raw salad. She had work in Saudi Arabia, so she is kind of international way of cooking, lucky us. She reads Al-Quran on Friday nights. But didn't continue now, I wonder, is it because of me, didn't do the same or the schedule kind of tight. But, I listen to the verses in the car while sending my kid to school. I read tafsir the english and the malay one, she saw that. I remember I always made note to myself so that I can remember easily but to figure it now is hard. Now I want to recall what I wrote that I wanted to do - Want Wish Wonders, yes yes this is the favourite 3 little words, wish is the Doa that I asked from Allah to give, first I have to know what I want then just doa(wish) til I get it, makbul, Wonderful Alhamdulillah.

I want so many things, til I asked something just happened right away, that's just amazing. Becareful with what you wishing for, whether it is good for you or not. When it happened it is the best thing ever happened to us, Think, Tell, Thankful. Yes I think about it and tell about it to Allah, loved ones, talk about it as if I already have it, Thank Allah and everyone, every minute what I see that satisfy me, and I get silence to say prayers in my heart. That's how I looked calm :) Would love to hear from you how you spend your world in your thinking...I shall share with you another 3 little words, task, travel, therapy :)) easy three, see thee..

little, least, love,

February 19, 2013

Bali, Indonesia

We had a baby and also had the plan headed Bali after two months, our little einstein was born. We were in doubt to bring or not to bring, thoughts and prayers made our way to the Kuta, Bali with our juniors. The trip was a relaxing, free and easy one, we packed the importants, we recycle the used by washing and used dryer. The travel light lighted the trip in Bali. At the day of Silence (hari nyepi) we spent it on the second day, the silence said everything, the appearance of human movements, natural light and wind to go through the 24 hours day, water splashed from the pool made the noise, the filter is on or not didnt cross in mind, this shows to come back to listen to our breathing, sneezing maybe and of our imagination of how and what the thinking maybe. I had a treat with my sister and mom at the spa, the body massage past the few hours, relax the body but the mind on my kids with their dad, was hoping they had fun too somewhere in the building. We stayed at the Kuta +Best Western.

Leo of Little Einstein
The third day, after breakfast at Best Western, Bali, off we took a van to the volcano. we had lunch at the restaurant with the volcano view, continue the journey with buying the cloths sold by the locals, they came to us like wanted our signatures but they wanted to trade the money with their goods, the fact to live.

Along the way was stalls selling nona fruits, didn't get to stop, though we wanted so but the van was faster than the sound from the back asking for it. So arrived we at the Tanah Lot at the end of the agenda on the late evening, the waves from the lot says a lot of amazing creation, I took the photo and blocked the view as souvenir home.

We are forced to go back as it was very late, on the way to the hotel, discussion over to do hair bath took place and decision made to the hotel to rest was the best.

The bargain cheered us up for one each of knitted throw for me and brother. Off we continue the journey. The baby took it well though quite tough for her first time. Many times of other country/ travel places for her brother, Leo of Little Einsteins. I cited a lot of doas as the places are made of concrete faces every corner, look different some. Alhamdulillah all is fine after.

"lil einstein in arms was so closed then" >
Padi field terrace was just amazing, all kind of green you can define, so structured by the hill, the gazebos to relax and sipping tea. Looking at it was loving it. Bali was the trip we went to start the journey but left thinking going back there to discover the other side of Bali. When the money permits, other country we proceed, hope you do too as around the house is nice to discover when time permits. Catch ya later

love & thots,


February 17, 2013

KLCC Lights High

Ad-hoc city holiday turned up as planned memory

view from Traders Hotel room

During a long weekend, we settled our first point homefeel hotel at KL city centre. Our stay was at +Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur , the experience traced the skylines of the major towers of the Petronas Twins. Live glass view from our room was clear as unblocking scene from the parks up to the peaks from the sky. We excitedly took the buggy from the ground floor provided by the hotel but didnt bug the padestrians a bit on the way to the Al-Fresco restaurants of the Suria Mall by the fountains. We had shrimp coctails at the Italian Cafe.+Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur Gobo Upstairs Lounge and Grill was the lunch served for us to a start the stay.

The shopping paradise at KLCC Suria Mall

The stop between tea and dinner we had shrimp cocktail at Limoncello Bistro KLCC.

Tower view at dusk

Our feeling was overwhelmed with proudness of the city with the tall buildings built the dream alive. +Tun Mahathir Mohamad our former PM was crossed in our top chat as he was the one that carved the concrete jungle for our convenience and enjoyment untraded mark of the country's capital city. We seized the day of the city by sightseeing. We wallked and talked about it as it is a citizen's crown on +Google maps

The night to remember we dinner out at +Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group KL's restaurant, the appetizer salad as the main course and ended the day with sleeping on a Sunday morning and dreaming living right in KL.
warm regards & love,


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