October 19, 2012


It was nice to get back to physical exercise where you do with upper arms lower arms as much as your feet  to strengthen them. It was simple exercise, like stand upright, align the spine and neck together. Inhale, bend forward, hands on the ground, the whole palms on the ground, the fingers are not meant to be pressured during any position. Strongly grip the mat, knee bended...stretch the right leg first back til the end almost near the edge of the matt.
Palms are as foundation, another leg push back to plank position. endure the pose, inhale exhale inhale exhale then bring back each leg to your palms to standing forward bend then stand up, like a baby right..stand, then fall, on your stomach, come up, to stand up....when only palms and toes on the ground thats when the muscle of the arms need endurance and strong elbow to 90 degree... I miss exercising at the gardens actually...mmm. The whole physical movements that what I love the most...
thots & loves,

July 11, 2012

Serai Wangi of the 3 things

Yes last night was the night I should jot down but I didn't, I just saved them in mind what should I do the next morning...several things actually...

  1. Get serai wangi (the natural plant essential oil) sprayed outside -  from the home gate in since serai wangi works well inside the more mossies as many... spray at the "courtyard" would give more shield to the "bugs" hopefully.
  2. Make sure to use clothes pegs all the wet clothes hanged on the line to avoid dried clothes drop on the side yard tiles...never know right, what had just passed by...
  3. Get the indoor clothes hang line too. 

from jusco to tesco

if any clothes fall on the floor, rewash for peace of mind.

FB status of a famous motivator

Bekerjalah dengan ikhlas hari ini kerana ALLAH. Seandainya gaji kita sebanyak RM1k tapi kerja yang kita lakukan kurang dari nilai yang diberi,ALLAH akan tarik tanpa kita sedar. Sebab itu gaji kita tidak pernah cukup walau beribu-ribu. Sekiranya kita melakukan kerja ikhlas kerana ALLAH, dan melebihi dari nilai yang kita terima (Gaji), InsyALLAH rezeki kita akan sentiasa mencukupi dan bertambah. Sentiasa bersyukur setiap pemberiannya

My comment was

Wsalam prof, insyaAllah, ikhlas, genuinity, authenticity are to last, be it a person or a product, niat kerana Allah tak penat dan berkat, bersyukur rasa lebih relax, rezeki bertambah insyaAllah.

thoughts & prayers

July 10, 2012

Laman Senaman / Practice Place

Since I have to create a new page, the status that updated early this or last year had to transit here first,

Nurture us with love n iman / Bimbing diri dgn kasih sayang dan iman ♥ - Feb 2012

With headstand, the world looks different from the ground / Dgn headstand, dunia nampak berbeza dari bawah ♥
Our mind and body are our true assets, be kind and listen to them well. / Minda dan tubuh adalah asset penting kita, jagalah sebaiknya ♥
Lighten our mind by redha to Allah swt about expected things happened differently, past and losses. Be close to Him, make Doas for the betterment ♥
Practice Place/Laman Senaman Ringan bebanan fikiran dengan redha kepada Allah swt tentang impian tak kesampaian, apa yang sudah lepas dan kehilangan. Beribadat kepadaNya, berbanyak ber Doa untuk keberkatan, yang lebih baik penuh rahmat ♥
  • Deep inhale of betterment. Exhale by redha to Allah.

    Love our vehicles (body) Close our eyes, palms at slight below left shoulder blade, feel the heartbeats ♥ / Fokus fizikal, pejam mata, tapak tangan di tepi bahu, rasa dengan tenang dengupan jantung ♥

    July 3, 2012

    jot down / senaraikan

    Bukan tidak dapat tidur tapi terlalu banyak idea dalam kepala hendak dikeluarkan...that's how its ended up with wide awake at for me I will drink a glass of milk dan write out whats on my mind so that I have empty mind but full stomach to sleep like a baby.

    Last night I was awake right after I lie down because thinking of to thank my sister for giving me the baju kurung and also to thank her and her son who is my favorite nephew for taking a lot photos of my son during our visit to their lovely home. A minute actions of a boy captured by his cousin. My bloggy friends are welcomed to check him out at this blog Live High 2 / Live High 1 of his sweet Aunty's. Visit her you will find peace and interesting chapter to Live highend life to the fullest not according to materialistic but materialise what are done living with God consent.

    Talk about writing down whats on our mind is a good like ringankan fikiran sebab dah tulis dalam buku nota / digital pad...a next step is the action for the new day. Tiada alasan lagi sebab lupa..:)

    I learned this from my late brother in law towards his children whether anybody realised it or I was a little sneaky but glanced a bit on the note pad of my nephews what they are written, its about the homeworks of subjects - the date given and the date to be submitted and its a cool practice...easy for parents to monitor them out and their time also filled with school stuffs.

    Write it down book keeping, buku kemas kini bajet pun bagus untuk anak remaja atau primary students to learn what they hv done with their money given, doesnt matter duit belanja harian atau duit raya :)
    "bersyukur meringankan fikiran, berusaha pada hasrat atau bercita-cita mengembalikan darah muda dan berdoa rasa relax sebab yakin Tuhan akan tolong dan berikan". Sharing my comment at the motivators' FB status page below...

    Status - Setiap hamba ALLAH akan diberi ujian dari segi kewangan,keluarga dan sebagainya. Jangan sesekali kita berpaling kerana ujian itu adalah menunjukkan kita sentiasa diingati dan disayangi ALLAH. Para sahabat menangis memohon dan berdoa agar mereka diberi ujian, Setiap ujian akan mendekatkan diri kita kepada pencipta.
    My comment was : Menangis memohon doa dlm sujud insyAllah berkesan. Doakan tanpa ujian sebab ujian dulu baru pengajaran adalah sukar dihadapi  mcm this quote "Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards".- Vernon Saunders Law
    June 28 at 7:49am · Like · 4

    June 29, 2012

    a day filled

    This is how it started someone told me that she has something missing in her life whereas she has everything that no one could offer accept from God. I told her if she thinks there is emptiness somewhere that I could see is an empty day given to everyone is for us to fill up.

    We could just focus in a day to look forward to pray on requiring times, not earlier or delay it but right after listening to the azan. Listening to the beautiful song (azan) eases mind and continue with some errands or office works before we would realised it at noon is already zohor time, and that is the goal for the day to pray on time. To be close to Him ending with demanding doas whatever you would like to ask. InsyaAllah Allah will grant us. Though those day exercises were my priority but it had changed.

    Senam is good which i just started bact after given birth recently coz it gives u energy but solat gives you more. Senam is also to get to know yourself, your level of ablity and to stay young at heart which back to fun thinking like we used to. Some people mentioned anxiety, stress and all the words I knew it has something to do with feeling not good but why not use the word that give specific meaning like tired the solution take a rest or use worry money is less where the solution to do something gaining money with doas too. Too much work to finish then, divide work and manage time sort of like that I mean.

    Dont use one line word or one line statement. There I go myself the word Dont. I suppose to use the one line message like "throw the trash in the trash bin" instead jangan buang sampah tapi tak sampai message buang sampah kat mana. With the kids also we better be specif, dont watch tv but what suppose the kids do, better say " read story book when mama comes home you can tell me about it" clear message save energy.

    I didnt answer the questions so much I guess what did I do today...that's part of it that i did, i was on Facebook mostly as I have online shop and I also "like" some motivators page which i actively commented on their status. And I got a chance to chat up with my sweet lovely cousin of  where you can get the best of little things to cheer you up, shhhh she met Shasha elite :) Visit her will light up your day :)

    Just sharing One of the status that I commented 4 steps to achieving dreams 1. Decide, 2. Take Massive action, 3. Know whats working and whats not working, 4. Change your approach when something is not working. Flexibility is the key to success. Anthony Robbins

    My comment was : Focus on our decision and work on it with doas "la haula wa la quwwata illa billah" (There is no power nor strength except through God." Yesterday at 8:09am · Like · 4 though the word flexibility interests me more but can do without Ilahi...can only do with Ilahi... see the different, positive skit :)

    January 18, 2012


    Alhamdulillah for another blesssed 365 days in bliss. May Allah bless us in bliss forever. AMEEN.


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