June 22, 2009

Papua New Guinea

I dream of Australia but my husband told me that the possiblity of a living in Papua New Guinea, an island near Australia, almost, before Oz hehe...but not Austolia hehe... oh Geography :)

I always want to live in overseas where the four seasons countries which I dreamt the most for a living not for home, just for an experience to live on. I've lived there once in Europe, even have a part-time job in a gym of an Old folks home which is a very nice experience. The golden girls and boys live in a condo like a normal ones here but with a different management. The management there are like caretakers whom the backgrounds are nursing edu, physicians etc.

It is compulsory for the residents here to put on the emergency handband. One lady lives alone, most of them actually, she fell in the bathroom and couldn't lift herself up and that button on her wrist band where easy enuf to press in that kind of situation. The caretaker got the signal and rushed to help her at no time because they are in house service.

The living in a condo like that, they don't feel like they live in a dorm or hostel, they have a nice apartment of many sizes, some live in a Suite if they can afford it. As normal people, some prefer to cook for themselves and even invite their kids or grandchildren to join for dinner or lunch or breakfast in the garden as they like. Some prefers lunch box to be delivered at their doors :)

The place provides parking space for those who drive and also busses to the cities, groceries stores etc and also trips to the lake during summer or to the hill during winter. That's the different culture where they've decided for themselves where their social money(EPF) should go.

Papua New Guinea should be the tittle? naaa...hehe...


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