January 28, 2014

Pilihan hari ini menjadi ceria dengan kuasaNya

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"I am cheered with His permits"

I know I blog about my morning most but its kind spontaneous feeling though I have called hubby and mom to share the story already. I am cheered by a beautiful cheerleader. She is only five years old, her name is Dania. She is helpful and care for Faiq at school.
Chak :)

She would say "Hi Faiq" and kiss him on the cheek sometime, even Yuen Shen did that too but Dania took and carried Faiq's bag to the class, see how thoughtful is Dania for Faiq.

Today at the car after Faiq went in, teacher Fariza told me that Dania wore scarf yesterday. The teacher asked her why all of a sudden she wears scarf,  and she answered

   "I want to look like Faiq's mom"  said Faiq's friend Dania.

How sweet and touched me in the heart. The the teacher continues that I have an admirer that all never thought. I feel embarrassed but say my scarf a little longer now because today I put on like Sophia Loren in convertible car and the teacher smile said sweet too.I like to find Dania's photos if I have in school's album. Dania is a beautiful girl, I think I ever told her that.

Wassalam with love,Fair


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