October 19, 2012


It was nice to get back to physical exercise where you do with upper arms lower arms as much as your feet  to strengthen them. It was simple exercise, like stand upright, align the spine and neck together. Inhale, bend forward, hands on the ground, the whole palms on the ground, the fingers are not meant to be pressured during any position. Strongly grip the mat, knee bended...stretch the right leg first back til the end almost near the edge of the matt.
Palms are as foundation, another leg push back to plank position. endure the pose, inhale exhale inhale exhale then bring back each leg to your palms to standing forward bend then stand up, like a baby right..stand, then fall, on your stomach, come up, to stand up....when only palms and toes on the ground thats when the muscle of the arms need endurance and strong elbow to 90 degree... I miss exercising at the gardens actually...mmm. The whole physical movements that what I love the most...
thots & loves,


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