July 13, 2009


Mother, no one bothers, just look at the camera, I want to have a picture of us together :)

That's the picture of us three and mom as usual is being mysterious and yet kind of slippery, can never be caught in most photos taken. She is getting wiser this weekend and she likes to keep it for herself but I'm broadcasting about it. Just a bit, not all of it, mom deary. Mother is in the picture behind the two palms at the palm trees in Langkawi. You are playing hide and seek eh :)

I'm writing this because you always linger in my mind and I always smiled when I think of what you told me " Dad was nagging about something and you just said to him that you can't hear him a thing but you could see that he's not happy with something because his mustache was moving up and down, out and in.

I wish you the best wishes, happiness on your coming birthday and may I remind you that life is a gift, let's giving it with full thanks, gratefulness this time with a big cake with many candles. We do it with friends around, grandkids, as well as relatives and you are the centre of attention. Deal? I doubt it ;)

PS: Dad, you have the best woman on earth.

Mom, You little camera shy but you're my greatest SOS. I love you.


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