May 27, 2011

I know I love you before I met you

HKG with luv

With gratefulness to say within five weeks many things had happened. The most miracle one is five weeks is here with me. During this five weeks, I went around Hong Kong's concrete jungle.

Yes a beautiful five weeks that I cherish so much and to Allah I thank you and pray with gratefulness. I love the feelings of having this five weeks with me, would want to keep it to myself and enjoy it in my mind. I care about this five weeks and its too early to check it out but I need to make some changes once the feeling of the five weeks is here. By sharing it with pro can start the changes as early as possible. To share it out and to make sure the existence of the five weeks is here, is

morning sunlight breakfast garden

to convert myself from a tea and coffee drinker occasionally to dairy drinks drinker mostly. After sharing it with a professional is also to get rid of the vitamins I took to get this 5 weeks to exist. Thankful I did, the new supplements is replaced from the five weeks to many months to go.

stop for flowers :)

Alhamdulillah again I must repeatedly say though it was not easy to believe it at the beginning. The reality is here as 3 of us had witness the existence of the five weeks is normal in the right place. Looking forward to another month to meeting with the healthy beautiful 9 weeks again. The normal anxious feeling is here like just can't wait as usual. Patience and beautiful prayers are best investments. Early on during five weeks, was in an island snorkeling, less than five weeks was at a cafe for red velvet, was having it with girlie feelings. Was at kenduri aqiqah of a beautiful baby girl and glad to hold her closely. Before weeks, had received the good news of same kind news, this five weeks is the most beautiful thing out of the best things ever happened to us.

Non-stop praying with today is fifth week you are with me for months to come healthily and beautifully. And whispering to you my beautiful baby, I know I love you before I met you.


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