November 15, 2010


The more I think it over, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people - Vincent van Gogh

I just simply chose the title, I did not know what to type anyway, so I search the nicest phrase from Vincent Van Gogh and pasted here.

I have many ambitions at my age now, I want so much to be rich, not just rich but to make money which the money is generate itself one day, I sounded like a scientist, magician maybe. And the legacy to leave behind to the future generation, sounded like an politician lol! But my real ambition was to be in motherhood phase of life. I thank Allah for giving me that, which is only from Allah I have it and I am in it, Alhamdulillah. But I am not a mother to a princess yet, so here I go again pray to Allah everyday, everytime it crosses my mind, I ask from God that I want a beautiful solehah daughter. I admire mothers and daughters relationship, I nurture the feelings motherly feelings of a daughter. I naturally wanted a baby sister though, I never had one. So it is time for me to have a baby girl "wink" "wink" InsyaAllah.

At one point of life, I was earning love from my nephews, and still actually, I told them I love them everytime I saw them. I do that as they are the younger generations that I want to love and continue relationship in the future years to come. I can feel the loves of theirs as well. They care about me especially one of them said that he had to company me as I was a single woman supposed not to go anywhere alone. I feel touched but I didn't expect that to happen as he is a young boy and he has his own life takes over his thoughts. At least there is something nice to hear, whatever you give, you get back! - the phrase of some book. Now that I have a handsome boy of my own, I know better to love him, naturally better, not just love but I will give a beautiful baby sister to him...haha.. it is a typical human's desire, want want want :)


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