June 28, 2010

SundaY at mY parents

side walk view from my parents' home

My nephew said he feels misplaced where he is. Sounded like he needs some space. He is at his grandparents. While having lunch, his grandma offers him yogurt drink, he declined as he is fine with plain water. He said he feels misplaced because he doesn't know where he supposed to be. His friend wants him, his grandparents want him to stay longer, his mother wants him home, his teacher wants him not to miss the class, his brother wants him to attend the class with him and us, me and family want him to the theme park.

I told him, he must be proud of himself, he is adorable to everyone, he is just like his mother. Every relative wants her too, from the great-grandparents to the tiny aunty.
Then come again my mother offers her grandson who already told her nicely that he does not want to be offered again. She offers him orange juice this time, I immediately say offer me, offer me, me, me as I was lazy to take the drink myself. I said to my mother, she must offer me otherwise I feel misplaced, I came to my parents for a visit sort of but more to unwind in the metropolitan life. Next to my parents house, just a step away, you could find everything that you want, theme park, mall, shops, cinema, iceskating rink, heavy traffic etc.

I love my parents' place but I live somewhere else in the mainland part of an island. I once dreamt of cities by the water and I got it. I am loving it that I can go anywhere within a fifteen-minute drive. There are some entertainment, well I went there once and wrote about it in my previous post.
I like the wind from the island, so close and embracing. I, though, ain't quite ready to call there a place I love the most.
Looking back, I was not really land anywhere, having lived in BB, PJ, among other places. Happy places, though are slippery things. Some hate on their first two visits but magically fell in love with the third time. Likewise, some other love a place on the first move but then grows tired of it overtime.
Some places are like family. They are good or not so to be with, especially during the holidays but we keep coming back for more because we know deep in our hearts our destinies are intertwined.
view from my place :)

June 1, 2010

mom with TelepathY

Telepathy is the transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five senses. I do not know much about telepathy. Recently, I was watching discovery channel with my nephew about pyschic mind, telepathy crossed my mind. My nephew said telepathy is not invented.

I heard about telepathy from my mother during my teen years. She suggested me to do telepathy when I asked her for the key to unlock the land line telephone to make phone calls. The home phone or the land line phone was my toy besides TV or Mini player as l loved talking on the phone with friends to kill times. But the phone was locked to save on the bills and yet could receive incoming calls.

I needed the telephone so badly especially on school holidays. That was the time my mom would ask me to do Telepathy to make the friend whom I wanted to speak to would call me instead. She taught me how to do it and it did not work everytime. I told her that I would do reverse charge call but she didn't buy the trick. I tried to sit with eyes closed and opened trying to do telepathy :) That was then...

Now I am grateful that I open my eyes the netbook is beside me and the cell phone within my grab. These are my now favorite gadgets. Alhamdulillah.


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