August 7, 2008


Love between man and woman ahem ahem, coupleship, friendship, relationship, marriage, family. I admire few couples, eg my lovely friend and her better half, beloved maktok and abahwan, H parents-nice couple always together. My aunty and uncle - smart couple, same colors attires, presentable in any occasions, parents..dont mention it. I'm old fashioned person, according to malays tak elok puji apa yg kita ada. more INTERESTS to come...

d Movie

was ok, not worth watching. wanted to see with a, was full, with another a, was hot and long q, managed to watch with zh finally but a waste:(

a good effort tho...SIGH!

August 3, 2008


I'm an 100% Achiever. For those who knew me, would know better. I thank to Allah and my mom's prayers. Alhamdulillah.


2008 Fundraising Dinner in aid of the rumah harapan for orphans. Held at Grand Ballroom, Sime Darby Convention Centre, Bukit Kiara. The speech was superb, I took home with it runs in my head still. The crowd was familiar as in the Sunday class.


Here is to get spread of mouths, could easily hurt feelings, could be news that already knew, wrong said could be already known, exposure of oneself, misleading self-imaging. So I watch what I'm going to post it here. So better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why, you readers finish it:) mm mm mm mmmmmm if only you knew. Doubt it.

July 30, 2008

Drop bY

I grinned (big teeth I have) from ear to ear over something today, wanted to post about it here. When got home, found that this blog got problem with attachment. Perhaps, next day, last day of July. Merdeka month begins. Freedom life is not my cup of tea. Was independent for awhile, back HOME again. Bapa wonders but never asked...fuel is not bigger deal...kut...crossed in his mind.

July 26, 2008

mY leaflet

traditional exercise for you & kids
sunday 9am to 11am

friday & saturday 10am-5pm

healthy cooking class
by appointment

Top Banana Wellness Centre
2, Jalan Saroja 1C/1, Bukit Sentosa


Taken from The Star, since the highway exists at Gerik. The lovely mother and baby scared to death to proceed the journey to the unknown.

mY Inspiration

The moments, the people and the children. I cherisH!
the gesture interests them, head turns when I say something, head turns when mom says something, they amazed among themselves...they dont look elsewhere. One of them is a Tahfiz student, my reference:)

July 25, 2008

July 21, 2008

Gift from Kakak

i got an oven (the white oven in the photo, on the side is the breadmaker, the blue color mcm ricecooker - i selalu buat lee chee kang, coz some said that chinese herbs are good for blood circulation) i really wished for the oven. thanks sis, i love you.

sesiapa nak cookies/cake/roti/pizza, let me know:)

July 19, 2008

Flash Back

Bangkok was the city I landed last weekend. I treasure the trip. Its a survival country, little things can trade with money, fast lane in imitation, I salute the alertness and how fast the effort copying job done - one look is Prada, second look is Proda hehe...

I took a break there, I walked to Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok. I took cab to CakCuCak, I stopped for Boots stuff, I eyed things, I bought slippers, a mug, I grabbed chopstick set. I visited shops & Loft, I rode the skytrain. I thoughts of the Wats. I missed someone. I smsed loved ones in my country land. I was lead by a good companion. Someone read the map. I sat on Tuttut. I eat at Turkish. Someone crossed my mind. I captured photos with a baby elephant. I wished a ride on that sweet and slow motion animal. I left my footprint at the Siam Paragon and signature too, yes I used credit card oops!!!...I wore a nice t-shirt SOMEONE WHO LOVES ME VERY MUCH WENT TO DUBAI U.A.E. AND GOT ME THIS SHIRT:) I bumped to a stranger who gave compliment on the shirt. ahem ahem..

Bangkok, I'll come back with loaded cash in hand next time.

Mama's BirthdaY

Happy birthday Mak. I know that your born day is not so important to you. But I just take today the 19th to wish you "the best of life is always be yours". Off course I got a tangible thing for you to proof how much it means of my wish:) I don't simply wish, I got you something, a Bonia handbag, its not much different, but its time for you to change the antique Braun Buffel bag that you are carrying now. Already busuk hehe...

I love you mak, I'm touched when I recieved sms from you which ends with Luv you Yang in every sms. I thank you for all your prayers. You are my sunshine, a best friend that never can be compared, an advisor-always came out with the best one, counsellor, consultant, a certified coach, trainer, a reader, a state dental matron pensioner, a mobile encyclopedia most of the most. I never heard you wish anything, you are contented with what you have. You have me and you have the best man on earth - Bapa.

July 14, 2008


there is nothing better trip than a trip to home. Heading home is the most relief thing to do after being abroad. Touched down, unloading, unpacking, freshing up and lay down. Tho straight home is the best, but stopped by to celebrate my birthday with family n a friend came to join at Bora Asmara is more than gr8!

Wuz there with an introducer:)...of Bora Romance! night time is nicer, I tell euuu..

July 9, 2008




I will be away from my blog for a short while. Up north is on my way...Sawadikap, kap su kap hehe...

July 6, 2008

Nitrogen Gas

I used to drive a car that the tyres filled with nitrogen. I find it fuel saver than air. Nitrogen dealer is limited, only can be found at some workshops eg Sg Buluh and Petronas gas station. Aeroplane and F1 used nitrogen. Guess, I'm going to fill my tyres with nitrogen, its lighter. Before that, need to check out more details the pro n con. Yawning...goodnight!


It's on the 16th July declared by FOMCA but I started it last week, on Sat 28 as mY dear had made the mY saturday is the day without spending a cent as well as this weekend, except for my need of RM3. Urgent:) BuyNothingDay is a day to challenge yourself to switch off from shopping and tune into life.

The rules are simple, for 24 hours you will detox from consumerism and live without shopping. Anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending!

Thanks Kakak and the one! Guess when I'm around, the non-spending day became the other way round:D

Never Say Bye

July 5, 2008

Flight View

Sejarah Melaka

(Sejarah penjajahan tanah melayu) harap kita semua dapat kesedaran di sebalik sejarah yang segaja tak didedah disebabkan agenda tertentu..Semoga dari pendedahan ini kita megambil iktibar betapa ketuanan melayu disanggah selama ini.....1908

alfonso de la boorg meyampaikan hasratnya kepada raja portugis untuk meluaskan pegaruhnya ke asia tenggara (melaka pusat perdangan asia tenggara ketika itu) dan juga laluan penting perdagagan timur barat, raja portugis bersetuju untuk menyediakan kemudahan bala tentera (158 biji kapal, 15300 (anngaran) bala tentera1909

Portugis menhantar perisik ke melaka untuk megetahui keadaan kekuatan pertahanan disana Oct 1910 alfonso berjaya menawan melaka setelah berhempas pulas melawan 5 pahlawan melayu terhandal (hang tuah, hang lekir, hang lekiu, hang jebat dan hang kasturi) ini adalah mimpi ngeri bagi pihak alfonso, untuk menawan melaka serta berlawan dengan 5 Hang bersaudara, mereka perlu mendapat askar tambahan setelah 15k askarnya terkorban dalam pertempuran selama 6 hari itudengan 5 Hang bersaudara..akhirnya dapat juga menawan melaka setelah hampir kecewa dan putus asa...1912

setahun 12 bulan kemudian alfonso ingin meluaskan kekuasaannya kekedah dan p.pinang, yang ketika itu adalah pusat pegeluaran tebu untuk gula rantau ini,...feb 1912

alfonso menghantar perisik ke kedah dan pulau pinang untuk mengetahui kekuatan bala tentera di sana ( Kedah dan p.pinang) mengikut sejarah, perisiknya telah ke kedai kopi sekitar kedah dan pulau pinang untuk mendapat segala maklumat yang diperlukan... Semiggu selepas FEB 1912, Perisik balik ke melaka untuk memberitakan hasilrisikan kepada Alfonso

Dibawah adalah perbualan percakapan antara perisik dengan al fonso yang selama ini cuba disembunyikan dalam buku sejarah

Perisik 1.2.3,
selamat pagi tuan ( sabil bertabik)al fonso selamat pagi

Perisik 1
Begini lah tuan, lupakan saja niat tuan untuk menawan kedah dan pulau pinang al fonso
Kenapa kuat sangat kah mereka itu..? ( dengan nada marah danbongkak)Perisik 2 Untuk menawan melaka yang mempunyai 5 pahlawan terhandal Hangtuah, hang jebat, hang kasturi, hang likir dan hang lekiu pun kita kehilaganhampir 15k bala tentera, inikan pula kita nak menawan kedah dan perlis yangmempunyai beribu ribu hang..Perisik 3 Betoi tuan...antaranya hang sihat, hang buat apa, hang apakhabar, hang lagu mana, hang pi mana, hang nak p mana, hang singgah dulu,bapak hang,mak hang, adik hang, tok hang macam macam lagi hang ada katsana.....

Mendengar hasil risikan itu alfonso pun tak jadi nak pi serang kedah dan pulau pinang disebabkan pengalamannya sebelum ini bersama 5 pahlawan melayu melaka amat ngeri......ini kan pula nak berhadapan beribu ribu hang kat kedah dan pulau pinang.

USA Independence Day

Today is the free day for USA. They claimed their independence from Britain and Democracy was born. Every day thousands leave their homeland to come to the "land of the free and the home of the brave" so they can begin their American Dream. The positive sight of this day is the date is the today's date, the figure. As for the Chinese the number of the date is not so positive, but for the other side of the world is a fortune to them. Guess numbers are numbers:)Its all in the state of mind, the mindset, how you think it is.

July 3, 2008

I love Guitar

Good on me too:)


Just to remind me to focus, nothing else. Don't get distracted by the side views. Like a horse wins the race. As you can see, the eyes are covered on the side. Look forward...

July 1, 2008


Yes this month is my birthday month, I'm welcomed to the world this month hehe... I believe people who are born in the beginning of the second half year is the best month for them becoz it shows that I have the balance of life, half a year in the womb, half a year in the world. I live in two totally different world in the SAME year hehe.. its a good chance to have opportunity like me:D Sebahagian hidup dlm perut-safe, comfort zone and came out to the wonderful, colorful the same year Actually, I wanted to stayed in the womd safely, so safe but I trust my mother will take care of me...anyhow hehe. Thats why I'm out here with full of love...I love you Mak

June 30, 2008

Today in History

the 30th of June is the peak of the mid of the year. It is in the centre of the year. Really in the middle of the 12 months but its the end of the first half year. Tomorrow is the second half year begins. Hope I define it which is good enuf to understand. Half year has gone with full of memories. Ends with a ticket from the DBKL as I simply parked my gadget (its cute how mY dear declared a car) at the yellow line. I told loved ones, one said don't let it bother me, it's like setitik nila rosak susu sebelanga if I get upset over it. Relates to my blog, the background is dark, the writing stand out quite well - just the opposite. Susu is white n healthy, nila ruins all:) Coz I live life to the most appreciations till it comes with kena summon. I panicked... and get over it!

June 29, 2008

Bonds of Love

Why are you so sad And why is it so bad
When some one leaves you behind

Won't you ever know
Don't you realize It's just a part of life
When you fall in love With some one some time
It's smile with a broken heart

Oh falling in love With Allah....The bonds of love survive

No mountain too high when there's way
Come to Allah you'll never fail
The truth's so close it shall prevail

Allah, we belong to You
And everything we do We do it all for You

Allah, always by our side
Guiding us to the light
Everything shines bright
No matter day or night

The End

of the weekend. Another best new week awaits. My fingers stucked at the keyboard instead they are should be at the iron and my body against the iron board, housechores should be made up earlier. I delay it till late... as I went to meet up with my cute and witty nephew and presented him a gift for his new study desk. I'm thinking about a new concept of a lifestyle, some adjustment and yet interesting and improving. Again thinking and wishing, and Allah decides the best for me. As for the moment, Spiderman movie on the side...printer can be used again, a comfy bed untuk bermimpi....Alhamdulillah

Thots & Prayers

I don't go for dark color, black especially. Being in the dark is a must to be true to myself, believe in Do'a. When I think of a car driving through the night. The headlights only go a 30 - 60 meter forward, and I can make it all the way from wp to bb, driving through the dark, because all I have to see is the next 5o meter. And thats how life tends to unfold before me. If I just trust that the next 50 meter will unfold after that, and the next 50 meter will unfold after that, my life will keep unfolding-terus membuka haluan. And it will eventually get I to the destination of whatever it is I truly want, because I want it. Kisah benar, which I myself must believe it, it's been sometimes I've never been out of the country, the last was in 2006 to our neighbouring Jakarta. People around me travelled recently, I was wishing to get somewhere out of the country temporarily. The power of thinking that Allah grants me a ticket via an sms and a knock at the door, now I got a gateway ticket, to somewhere in the above photo posted. Im going as a "tourist abis", with a good companion, InsyaAllah.

June 28, 2008

At 3 Am

I gawk and enjoy about this new blogging, editing, browsing, thinking, typing, clicking and posting, in short Blog cultivates mY inner innocence to surrender and letting go to the "untold" without jugdement or criticism as I just realised while creating the complete profile. I chose the dark background (as my conversation with "mY dear" this evening about at school essay thing given by a teacher) and I figure the ray of light will light up my life as in the photo...but not sampai burnt pulak hehe. Macammana, tak boleh stop typing, I must get a beauty sleep..., must sign out with a sweet good night. Till I type again...Yawn!!...mengUAP sangat ni....but I don't snore.

The BABY Pose

Create "Beginner's Mind" as I could view the world as a child and let myself be born anew. Guess, im typing my mind in a blog's somebody brainchild whatever it is I'm taking a baby steps to explore this unique womb which I got the brilliant footsteps from somebody. The child's pose that I love the most, it is also known as fetus or babYpose where the forehead rest gently on the ground, seat moves steadily on the heels and palms open to the sky.


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