May 3, 2011

Stop & Stare Island

It rained heavily that morning, the morning I packed my bag heading to the land surrounded with blue water as heard. Got the ticket, got the gears for the water trip but by air I chose. The trip was delayed at the airport. 3 hours we waited, the loudspeaker called to pass desert for lunch while the airplane being fixed.

In the afternoon towards evening we arrived at the KB airport, taxi took us to the K Besut jetty. The wind embraced our faces, the breeze of South Chine Sea in the bright evening we breathed. Boarded in a boat, sped on the water, heading to the island that was none to see from the mainland. The boat rowed with motor engined, fast the island becoming bigger and bigger as we approached and the color of the sea changes to crystal clear that hidden fish can be seen.In the middle of the ocean the boat stopped and the boat driver asked the Tuna Hotel guests, raised your hands, the couple infront of us, raised their butts instead to reach their bags and waiting to walk out of the boat. The boat driver abruptly said please wait til the limo comes nearer, the limo is a another small boat to take them to the hotels. Only smaller boats can go near the beach to safe the coral. The limo which was the hotel boat came near, the boat driver said to the couple, you are lucky today, no need to swim today, the limo is here for you :) Enjoy your stay, the water is clear, watch out for deep water :)

Then our turn arrived at the hotel located at the nicest beach in South East Asia. Our room was by the beach which was the other side of the most beautiful beach. Upon arrival on the beach, got in the room, the clothes on our body we stripped, slipped in water gear from neck to ankle for summer girl like me afraid of the sun :), soaked up in the sun and sea, we were. No camera, nothing on the beach we left except the colourful flip flops on the powdery sand. Me lied on my back floating under the blue sky roof.

The chalet type hotels served nice ala carte and buffet, wanted ala carte but too hunger to wait, buffet we stuffed our tummys fast. Too tired to see beautiful scenery in the dark, but the sound of the wind and the waves from the beach cuddled us to sleeptight. Morning awake us to stroll along the beach which full of colourful fish. Checked out the place no wheel vehicles except water taxies. Strolling in the jungle by the ocean, bumped into an old lady sweeping the dried leaves, chatted with her who lived in a small village which was a place for the fishermen stopped to rest had developed into a small village. She wanted to sell 3 acre land by the hill at MYR150 k.

The trip went so fast with fantastic activities. Looked out for turtles, fish, baby sharks, beautiful coral, swam in the crystal clear sea. Luckily got to meet up with a tight schedule diver friend stayed at another bay. Enjoyable stops in Perhentian which means Stops centre for fishermen to continue fishing. The stops became commercialized for tourists to visit and dive left the fishermen turned to water taxi drivers and water tourist guide to hop from beaches to beaches. Some kids from the island told they want to be a Diving instructors when they grow up, water taxi drivers are their fathers' work for now. They dont view themselves as fishermen as the blue water where they live is protected by the ocean enforcement.

Morning arrived, breakfast taken, time to take off to colorful home, but the fishermen stopping point is where you turn left, right, front, nothing but blue view which make the trip as an amazing "stop" at the island of Perhentian!
The fish stopped at me. I stared and shared with you all :)


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