May 28, 2009

Gotta be SomebodY

You're already a somebody! When you are a child, you are somebody to the parents, so this I realised from a friend known as Neen :) I would really want her to get into the rink, yeah in the blogging rink. And she said, 'fair.. i'm a reader, not a writer.. hehehe..(* baca tone macam lagu *)" sounded myterious and yet curious that short sentence shows she'd become a good writer...mmm... thinking a way to make her become really one here, so that I can be a reader too hehe... Guess Nickelback lyrics is so much true, we gotta be somebody to gain somebody, to be a friend for a friend, a sister to sisters or brothers...bloggers to readers :) Now you got me and I gotcha! Luv yall buddies.
Have a listen here, rough tough guY yell out too...hehe...Nickelback!


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