December 20, 2011

Fashionista - Post Natal

We all love clothes. Even if we don't spend our hard earned salary on clothes, we still enjoy them. We enjoy them on others, and we enjoy them on ourselves. We like critiquing them, and generally discussing them. S either for myself or for others. Once we get going, though, the ideas start to dry up especially when the clothes don't suit our body or our age. I am really into fashion since schooling days. Now the image had changed with kids in hands, I looked more like a kangaroo with baby carrier hanged on my body. The main vehicle is our body that we need to take care of, especially after giving birth. Fortunately,  I got a present from my sister, the set of post natal to get the body in shape, I cherished it as it worked well. Its a steps by steps way to back in shape internally and externally. I followed what to take from the beginning til end. Soon I will be back to same progress again, some say after second birth onwards is not easy but I don't want to believe it hehe...let see how it works for the second round steps after steps post natal to get a normal body weight. InsyaAllah it will work on me again. 

The set makes from the natural herbs to consume, some spices to drink,  some paste to applyH on and also something torturing cloth to wear on, I don't mind's just for a short period of time. Must get in shape to start a new chapter of my life with kiddies. If some of you had tried but didn't see any different, please wait til your kids start walking, that's when you lose the baby fat by chasing them around :) The torturing device is the special girdle, better fasten it on all the time especially while eating, you get stuffed fast and push the plate aside :) This time around also I will try a set of new herbs from a friend's recommendation. Just looking forward to m looking forward to grabbing herbies. By the way the post natal provides herbs drinks to clean from inside and also herbs douche to clean inside from outside which can lead to pr- natal. So it is also a good info for those who intend to start a family or to add family member :))
Im blogging from my tap and its not easy to edit ;) will come back soon to re-publish. More info pls email me at

December 4, 2011

Ombak Rindu - Outside the Box

Off I went to watch Ombak Rindu after I saw a friend's status about it which was strongly recommended. She is a busy friend but managed to watch the movie on the very first day the movie was out. It must be a special story  adapted from a novel that I also came across about it in the blog sites.

Ombak Rindu " the waves of longing for love, belongings, acceptance..."

The movie was about a girl Izzah, a religion teacher acted by Maya Karin was sold to a brothel by her uncle due to money matters. You would tear at the very beginning scene. Yet, you might not because a handsome Harris acted by Aaron Aziz, out of a nice car was there to the rescue while she was trying to flee from the brothel. Unfortunately the brothel's gang came at the same time and pulled her back to their place.
There again, she was rescued as a mistress by a playboy, the same handsome rich guy Harris (Aaron Aziz). He brought her to his home, the resort like house, I was intrigued and loving it. So moistured eyes not enuf to tear, though back of the mind, worried sick of the saying "keluar dari mulut buaya, masuk mulut harimau, means rescuer could be also a bad guy, my heart didn't relax.

The heartbreaker Harris who married Izzah for a sake of Izzah's request though he had already engaged with a childhood friend, a beautiful actress Mila, character  brought by Lisa Surihani who is a spoiled brat, yet an innocent victim. I felt sorry for her because she is genuinely in love with Harris.  She has a treasure chest that she keeps little things that she did with her childhood boy who promised to marry her. I felt touched that she said to him "One day, you will be deeply in love with me, after marrying me"... inevitably came out from her.  It also touched me when Harris agreed to marry Mila to please his mother. Just a mummy's boy thingy :) Very mother mother niee...
Heartfelt to hear Harris bravely declared that he had married Izzah whom he didn't think he would fall in love and would be so in love with.  It was a very nice scene together with the haunting music at the back with the lyrics...Tuhan tolong lembutkan hati dia untuk terima ku seadanya (Dear God, please tame his heart to love me as I am)... it could break you down, prayers do wonder mysteriously...

The above photo is Mila = Lisa Surihani with her Treasure chest - full of stuffs activities she had with 'Mr Wrong'. She became an actress to impress her love, Harris. Everything she did, she did for him, it seems. Her collections stuffs can build a nice scrapbook; A todays' trend. I have one in the photo below which I just started. Relatively, yesterday as I took a Paddington napkin and pancake flag to put in my scrapbook, my hubby gave me another napkin, I said no, no, not the whole restaurant that I need and too many will become junks haha...he said keep laa... like Lisa Surihani  did hehe....

Back to the film, the plot thickens. Misunderstanding begins when Harris was seen together with a colleague, both the wives waved upside down upsetting, love triangle chasing moment begins which ended Harris in the hospital due to an accident.
While he's recovering, Izzah was chased out from the house cruelly by Harris's mother. There again her childhood male friend Mael came to ease the situation, watery eyes remains back in the socket. In fact, she was seen with Mael everywhere, coincidentally and mistakenly to make the Harris's mother cruel intention appeared real.

Mila (Lisa Surihani) wants to be realistic to her life. For her, there always a chance to have happiness she deserves without messing people's lives. Although she loves Harris all her life, but she sacrifice to let him go with unopened heart...poor rich girl...


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