June 28, 2009

Bali-Feb 09

I'm craving for a holiday, I just came back from one and now wanting for another. Is this normal having big appetite for travelling abroad especially.

Earlier on this year I stepped on the island of Bali, thots of sensual holiday, tourists, views, ocean, furnitures too... I thought of be really Bali..ed, more sensual I supposed :)

Of coz not forgetting of famous indulgence head to toe spa here... Deep thought of dinner out or candle light dinner on the beach by the bon fire:). Purposely watch movie in - on the couch or night movie out in the cinema, walk along the beach or along the market and paused for trading rupiah with souvenirs lol or common things like snapping photos. Feminine dress or casual as usual with accessories or be accessibled:) Slippers or sandals with big flowers on top. Hair down or up with big flower clip on as an island flower girl wink wink;) Have a drink outdoor at the balcony or at the cafe corridor, sipping one cup each or shared a glass of juice with two flexible straws :)

Again a flower slipped at the ear allowed moods whispering in... Sight seeing in Tanah Lot, Nusa Dua, Kuta and being seen at the Kechak dances and copycat the dance together:) Skip the temple statues, yet appeared at the tail of the eyes, scary<_> Mind runs, sure wonders and wanders...follow with body massage with strawberry oils or lavender oil of selected choice, breeze through an opened window, followed with avocado cream bath is a must in the magazine I read, one after another as wished, followed with hot flowers bath with lemon scents as deep wished granted hopefully... thought of going to Bali became reality. Be a Bali or be an exaggerating tourist lol..your choice here. Gotta be! A short stay yet a sweet experience, I must say:) "Sweet Bali with Honey Baby" Selamat Ya! Kunjung Lagi! .....Sudah Pasti akan Kem BALI ! Long for another hehe...

As for now, we are heading to Fruits Carnival to buy Durian :) Have a nice day ahead!


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