July 22, 2009

Message in the Bottle II

People had gone to the moon and Yet, we are still figuring out what to do" - quoted by mY sister

This one is simply a message in the bottle,
should I throw it in the ocean,
and you may find it sooner or later or never...
This is what I wrote...
  • You looked pale in the haze,
    because you are on the powdery sand in the breezy wind,
    You look forward to the blue sea, but home is cozy and greeny,
    the busy bee is what you are to settle the balanced life on the land,
  • You've been up to the sky for world throtting,
    you've settled your interest in the water world,
    Way in the beginning as I see,
    you've changed from baby to girly girl,
  • You loved the four legged boy, that's the Teddy,
    you loved the ocean, your neighbours are turtles or dolphins,
  • People loved the ocean but they don't have the gadget like you do,
    The first hand story from you will do enuf for them to sample the experience.
  • You may share it in written with the photos that you've taken,
    You were behind the picture that taken above,
    In the an open sea, beautiful straits, you find ocean is best to venture,
    some like the ocean afraid of the sun, some love the ocean and the sky above,
You are as the rest, haven't gone to the moon,
but you are living almost as high as the moon,
You've been so quiet, no update in your blog that down my interest in here,
How do I knock your door, hope this crooked poem may buzz ya, my sister :)


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