June 2, 2009

Couch Potato Time

I was a couch potato last night as I watched You've got mail and some others. You've got mail is a light comedy movie. One point of my life, when I've got mail could be the happiest moment, some say carried away or overboard even reminded to put our feet on the ground.
I love the movie, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. The shop girl's house is cosy especially her desk where the laptop is, nice comfy spot. A laptop and a nice desk like mine as in the picture mmmm as if we've got everything eg surfing, emailing, blogging :) It's not the desk, not the laptop but the "connect" to the world that makes our life a click away from others. Stay put but you are travelled away. Internet, is a need that I love, not forgetting airports that a port away to the world physically:), I like airports so much too, flying is the best way to travel especially with Malaysian Airlines. I miss those hot towels and welcomed drinks:) Yes madam, anything madam? Fish or chicken? Hmmm... Last sekali, the shop girl said I want it so much to be you, so badly... sort of. Hehe...


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