February 22, 2013

Langkawi Island, Kedah

We landed at the Langkawi Island +Travel to Langkawi island Malaysia information , yet from the ocean we explored. We were fortunate to get invited to hit the wave in a motor yacht's relatives. From the experience on the boat had given us to be real travellers as to limit ourselves in packing, shrinking the size of belongings, get comfy from the start as to end the day with cargo pants as nighties, small thin towels to give space for souvenirs if any.

sunset lighted us up

Langkawi is like a small continent with an international airport +Langkawi International Airport proved it can be one. But in atlas, Langkawi is a part of +Kedah state, full of lagend with nostalgia but develop into an island of fantasy that people fancy about of Tasik Dayang Bunting, the local believed that the lake water has some magical ingredients that could fulfill wishes of unfortunate childless couple to gain fertility - source from

The coincident magically happened to our cousin who longed for a baby ended up with 3 babies after soaked in the water under the sun of Tasik Dayang Bunting. It is a worth the trip with a small boat to get there, the eagle ushering from the sky, arrived at the lush green of old trees around the lake.

enjoy the fresh air in horizon

Langkawi's view is spectacular from the sea, the different kind of blue sky and sea is vast enuf to relax our eyes. The motor yacht itself is amazing with the homelike mobile home. The ride was the joyous ride. At the marina the meeting point, one by one climbed the boat, placed the bags in secured area and the captain asked about the readiness to navigate ahead the ocean. On the ocean, the breeze blew our face awaken us the best feeling with gratefulness.

lucky we're welcomed to a luxury yacht of a friend's

Hands raised pointing +Gunung Mat Cincang on the right, another pointed the fishermen boats, eyes looking forward to stopping at the nicest spot to swim and for some photos snapping.

The love of boating is part of travelling near or far, it is another horizon to put on next track. Hope we are on the right rail, so are you, gear up to travel though as close to send a kid to school, just amazing what and how you discover.


Love and fond greeting from us,


shanti and mowgli represent our love for nature and wild life that we are heading to visit


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