January 15, 2014

I cite Ya Lateef from the beginning to have ease and peace

Thursday, 17 October 2013 - i wrote this earlier on.

From yesterday, I determine not to have any extra matter to attend to for instant like Faiq wants to stay in the car instead getting down into the school so I cited "Ya Lateef" which is I remember only that two words a special friend of mind told me to cite to our kids before going to sleep. In fact I was there when she said to her daughter goodnight and sweet dreams but her daughter came back and ask her to cite duas at her crown head, then the mother said she has a friend who is me with her now and continue asking her daughter try to sleep first then she will come later and doa.

So I cite from yesterday while doing anything to something, and today I realise it was easy in the beginning but in the Faiq said "I want to see papa". I simply reply 'but we are late already". It happened like this before I fulfill his request since my hubby's office is just before his school. He met papa and went to school happily.

But today I did not do that, I sent him, I did not talk much. More action this time, it was ok til at the school's door. Then he was calm, I went to the car and talk to one of  his friend's mother who is a teacher said it is okay to force which is the only way I had.

I went back to the teacher and gave his milk, I just did not want to waste it, and saw he's in the assembly. Alhamdulillah, I have made it to be more like rule maker and managed to make him obey and hope he knows I and him did the right thing today.

I search the meaning of Ya Lateef at  Powerful Dua Wird --Ya Lateef - O Gentle
-Ya Lateef /Ya Latif - O Gentle / Subtle

Allah is gentle with His servants. he provides for whom He wills, and he is the Strong the Mighty.
Allahu Latifun bi 'ibadihi, yarzuqu man yasha'u, wa huwa l'-Qawiyyu l-'Aziz
From His beautiful and excellent Names is (Ya Lateef -O Gentle) Al-lateef: the meaning is the Ever-Discreetly Gentle, most affectionate, the knower of all sublities, The Subtle One, The Gracious, The One who is kind to His slaves and endows upon them, Most affectionate or knower of innermost secrets. He is the most delicate, fine, gentle, beautiful one. He is the one who knows the finest details of beauty. The finest of His beauties are hidden in the secrets of the beauties of the soul, wisdom, and divine light.
Subtle/Gentle: (1) so slight as to be difficult to detect or analyze, (2) operating in a hidden way [American Heritage Dictonary, 3rd Edition]. Latif: in the Arabic language: (1) the One who gives us our wants in a subtle way, (2) the One who does not wrong his servants even a little bit, (3) the One who shows grace to His creation by giving them their needs with gentleness and subtlety, (4) the One who knows the hidden delicacies of affairs [Fayruzabadi, The Encompassing Dictionary].
Whoever reads this Name Ya Lateef daily, Allah will grant abundance in his rizq (sustenance) and cause all his tasks to be accomplished without difficulties.
It is the noble attribute of Allah that saves one from poverty, misery, sickness, loneliness or any adversity, for Allah will surely grant him deliverance – Insha-Allah. ( For the one that has the ‘Ijaza-permission to recite Ya Lateef which is part of our daily Wird in our Tariqah )
( the hint is that the word lateef reminds you of lutf.. and basically ‘lutf in food’ the pleasure in eating. So, rizq is easy to remember and others (poverty, misery & sickness) are non-lutf stuff)


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