October 9, 2009

Give Me Five ( Words)

I'm game to play along with Ocean Girl. The five words given it is easy to describe me me me, I need more than five, more revealing is appealing :) Ocean Girl, it's a trapped high five.

The first word is TodaY

Today I woke up, I continue my thinking of the name of my studio "Balanced Ancient Workout". I had breakfast, two toasts then yorgurt with muesli. I continue thinking of blogging about balanced ancient workout as my studio's name. My husband thought I started blogging about my baby in my tummy. I'm carrying a baby now,I'm grateful to God, Alhamdulillah, I supposed to break the news here. The latest news is I can't wait to meet her next year. While having breakfast, my mind speeds up in thinking what to do when a friend of mine come to visit. She told she's missing the sea, and she's coming with her son anyway if her husband is on sailing or working. I thought of renting a boat with her for the ride along the island, the island is too big to go around, I guess. Along, a short ride will do to snap pictures of the city from the water. I will check it out and also whether my condition with a baby in the tummy suitable for boating. I listen to the quranic citings, didn't get to read as yet today. Some say Mozart music is good for the baby too as tested mozart was played at a tree, the trees grew healthy instead of rock music, the trees died. I glanced a little of the Ashtanga book to get ideas of the name of the studio. That's about today, half of today, in the morning after I got the message from Ocean Girl for five words to move forward in blogging's journey. Today's afternoon yet to approach.


What has glamour got to do with me, look like celebrity ? Why Ocean Girl gave me Glamour, I was once a head turns beauty eh? This is the experience of the feeling glamour, last month, I stopped at my relative spa booth and acted buying something then came another visitor was really interested in purchasing aroma candles, then more buyers. The relatives realised that and asked me to stay acting like a interested buyer, I was not acting after I saw the product closely, I was really interested in the natural products. I stood there and listened to what the relative's staff had to say, she said I was like a publicity to their booth, I was proud and couldn't bother much as that's sale's way of saying to make me stay when they saw buying signal from me. Before I left, I bought aroma eye care products and they gave me aroma candles for free and few packets of different kind of scrubs. Then I went to my hubby and said I bought the eyecare for half priced RM14.00 for the sake of supporting them and also to relax my eyes. While talking to hubby, someone from local TV channel RTM invited me for an interview for the Merdeka/National on TV1. I was excited but nervous, he persuaded that I could come along with my hubby who was also hesitated, then he said with the whole family, kids or with the relatives who are the vendors there. I just could not make my way to the camera ahh...but felt like a celebrity hehe...

I felt glamour when I made my way to Tazkirah with VVVIP at a state place, was about Marhaban ya Ramadhan. I was truly honoured to pray there and thank god for the given chance and break the fast there too.


Is the feeling every minute that you need to feel happy :) I was born with happiness or I say, I'm a happy person. I have full of happiness in me. Actually I'd like to describe "what I am" not "what I do". When I was a little girl I was the centre of attention because I was adorable :) That's happiness. Spark between husband and wife. You know better. To live balance in life, thinking, teaching, blogging, working out with breath-synchronized movements systems, loving, feeling loved by loved ones. Just can't wait to lift-up working out in yogilattes class.


That's the 4th word, secrets are secrets, can't tell anyone :) be transparent, be yourself whether your status had changed to mother, wife, sister, you were born a baby, you are still you. Like a friend of mine, bestfriend, she asked me how I was going to get married, what if my husband know that I am so stubborn, what will happened? The moment she said that, I know she is my very bestfriend. She had revealed my secret. I like that she knows me til that spot. I highly appreciate her concern. Like my mother also, we were at tea time, my mother in law offered my mother "dodol", the sticky jelly almost like gummy but can swallow- sweet things, my mom said no and thanked her because she's wearing a denture, there is no secret for her, but I saw others smiled but the conversations become more livelier because it became more opened to everyone to reveal their secrets .Then someone said my mom is still had a nice body for her age, and my mother in law added that because my mom was a matron in a hospital, then my dad counter honest phrased, she was not physical matron but she was a dental matron. She was good in teeth only not body. The crowd laughed and continued talking about their secrets.


Motherhood is nice, people respect me, hehe being a little sister, I respect the elder now the kids respect me. Motherhood is a complete woman's cycle, but not really whether you are an aunt or mak cik/auntie, you are in the mother level, that's the cycle. You are the source of love, you get by giving more.


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