August 5, 2009


Sunway Pyramid

Since Aidil Fitri is approaching...somehow SS2 is on my mind tho I've written this entry long time ago.

I start with SS2, SS2 started it all.

SS2 or Petaling Jaya was first developed by the British on the former 486 hectares Effingham Estate.

SS2 is located in Petaling Jaya (commonly called "PJ" by locals) is a Malaysian city originally developed as a satellite township for Kuala Lumpur

I came from up-North of Malaysia. The country is almost like an island itself but connected at the border of Thailand. My accent is like non-city girl speaks as almost every word ending up with kap sawa di kap baq. My dad was doing business from constructing to rice-mill, once his name was on the rice packet that I was proud of. Mom was in the Ministry of Health got me an idea that I had to put on braces like girls in the Western Sit-com series, Growing Pain, Family Ties, The Walks of Life that I watched every evening. Since mom was a state Dental Matron, my stubborn teeth were done there.

I was brought out for occasional vacations. As I was told that we were heading to KL, I actively jumped with packed bag ending up in SS2 not KL. SS2 was Kuala Lumpur to me then.
SS2 lived two beautiful couple with many kids scattered near and far. Not just SS2 inspired me, the people who lived in there. When I was back in my home up-north after a short visit in SS2. My mind wandered to live in PJ, to be a city girl, studied in Assunta a city high-school. Well I did go to Assunta after many years dreaming of it.

Same thing happened when I watched movie or series Beverly Hills, Back to the Future or ET, I wanted to go to the USA right away but to live in KL, it took some thoughts lingered on. Sure I've been in the States with a grown up mind :)

SS2 has up-to-date stuffs like McDonald, Pizzahut, Seven Eleven, I didn't wish the lists of franchisee to be up-north, I wished I'd move to SS2 to enjoy the outlets there. My dream came true, we got a house in Sunway, Petaling Jaya where the Pyramid is just a few blocks away but make BB a home. There we live, the most visited place was still SS2. For our festival, SS2 was our hometown to be first to visit. It is the most memorial spot and it contributed a lot of who I am now, it associated with my mind. For specific reason SS2 is my address that I filled in a form recently.

May I start again, SS2 lived a beautiful couple who are my Auntie-Wa and my beloved late Uncle-Wa. My Auntie is moving to the north, that was the last I heard after she lost her husband. I thot this cannot be North-SS2-North. It has to be North-SS2-SS2. They are my inspirations and I love them dearly.

Sunway Pyramid, PJS


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