October 2, 2009

Success (Steven Spielberg), Untitled ?

I can't think of a better title. Oh...Hope the title leads you to more understanding of my entry :) First off, I had a very good Eid-ul Fitr. I was hybernating for awhile :) can't help, like trees for months in a year just to escape the brutally cold winter. Especially during ramadhan hybernating conserves energy that's how I'm laying back as I'm sharing energy with someone in me.

During festive days, my eyes are so heavy, in the car, I snoozed fast like a screen saver but at least screen saver wakes easy when the mouse is moved.

Now I'm back, awaken, eyes wide opened. Ready to hook to the keyboard, would like to be hooked at the piano keys though with Richard Clayderman's melodies, so soothing leads to relaxation. What goes around, comes around back to hybernating lol.

Back to the success of my brother who I am proud of. He is in the newspaper cutting. He made the right decision to learn foriegn (Japanese) language to further his study. His English was average after 11 years like all of us learnt in school. He knew his weakness and yet wanted to further study in overseas, he chose Japanese. He made history in a big Japanese organisation in Tokyo after had studied in Hiroshima. Now his daughter continues to master Arabic language.

My younger brother's ambition was to be Steven Spielberg, after saw the movies ET, Goonies, Raiders of the Lost Ark. When he came up to be a films producer, first time I heard that in the circles of family members. Til now,I have never heard among youngsters I've hanged around with, wanted to be films Producer, that means, he was genuine in his thinking but he had ended up an Engineer.

In Asian culture atleast in my family as I see, success is not what you are today but the children continues to be success that counts. If not so,they made their success that lead the generations, they make their name famous in a way, having a book eg : Herbs Dictionary leads to a new coming book, conducting class or being an owner to well known Restaurant or Merchant's place for the generations to continue. Or having a genuine classic way of living.

Having materials showed success in some ways, for having associations with the people like that is some kind of success too :) Let them think we are less, that's a reversed soothing psychology or what. Whatever makes you happy that is a success in life.

My dad didn't succeed in the blogging world, the world out there is much interesting for him. Outing, sipping coffee outside, heading to the city is still is his cup of tea. For those who had been in the blogging era, congratulations as this ways you all had shared the outside world with others here. New things are here to explore together.

by the way...

My husband just started blogging, not many posts posted in his blog but his view complete profile amazed me " He inspired by che-det blog number of visitors, he starts to blog, trying his luck to emulate that ex-numero uno, top banana, big kahuna dude". Good luck to him.


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