November 17, 2009

Back to Balance

Tho I am not suppose to work out during pregnancy, well I'm doing it a little. I'm craving for working out, the patience to be all out has put me to the test.

Mind-body workout coordinates movement, breathing and awareness. It gives health and well-being on several levels eg : physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Because of the enjoyment of those days and of its benefits to me and now I know as for the practice, the time-honored art of working out accepted as self-care during pregnancy and preparation for childbirth and motherhood.

Of course it feels good after a short practice and yet long for a longer one. I'm releasing the real practice in words here :)

Stand upright, hands on the sides...
it relies on breathing techniques to make the practice fruitful...
Exhale and inhale provides oxigen to the whole body, ohhh it is so nice If I could be stucked on my mat :) and feel fairness beautiful you and me.

...Our yesterdays are but dreams
Our tomorrows merely visions
but today lived well makes
Every yesterday a dream of joy,
And each tomorrow a vision of promise...


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