January 11, 2011

New 2011 Noted

Happiest New Year, InsyaAllah (Godwilling).

After eleven days, I've now got a chance to sit on my teak wood seat to key into the blog and say something with gratitude that I'm blessed to be in 2011 with my loved ones around. I just asked my son to sit still as I was preparing his bath tub. It's been a while I rotated the tasks until the maids, I have neutral feelings toward them but I can't/couldn't live without them had made me maid-less in manhattan again. Another is on the way. I need them for my new projects, anyway.

The water was filled in the bath tub for my heart and soul (in the photo with me), three drops of Johnsons bodywash, and on the side was a small pill filled with water and 2 drops of hair shampoo. While his body soaked in, I shampooed his hair. Diluted hair/body shampoo is better for him everytime (good tips for baby skincare). He's a freshed and cleaned man on the floor, exploring every corner of the four walls.

Now back on my comfy seat, 2010 was so meaningful, just love to settle in here to count all my blessings with eyes closed gets the feelings at best. The feelings is like you are so in love. Like you put your two hands together on the left chest, your head slightly tilt to the left and natural sounds come from your closed smiled lips, mmmm :)

No resolutions except for wishes and prayers to get better life as I live, love and breathe it. And enjoy it and fall in love with it again and again. Cheers 2011!

Grateful that I got to do two things at the same time :)


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