February 8, 2011

mY bodY is a wonderland

Says John Mayer "One mile to every inch of Your skin like porcelain One pair of candy lips and Your bubblegum tongue" tooot - #censored:)# My mind is over my body, my head to toe body interests me more than anything, it is about clothings, touching-up and mind wondering there's no way I can get bored with my body that God lends it to me. I travelled to places to see, but myself that I think make the places lovely. The view I look for the snap spot, 80% of me had blocked the scenery. Life is so cool when nothing is essential than your body self, to appreciate the essence of life, breathing and caring for your body. I mind to be kind to the vehicle's part I owe, so I sit with my hands to give my butt a rest :)

Butt is sitting on air comfortably

the photos were deleted for awhile, sit on lotus pose then lift up your butt with your hands

Start with flying side ways :)

in plank pose, raise one hand up, secure the with one feet.

Bend backward to counter our norm bend forward mostly.

There's no magic carpet ride nor arrogance. Ends with babY-pose.


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