June 28, 2008

At 3 Am

I gawk and enjoy about this new blogging, editing, browsing, thinking, typing, clicking and posting, in short Blog cultivates mY inner innocence to surrender and letting go to the "untold" without jugdement or criticism as I just realised while creating the complete profile. I chose the dark background (as my conversation with "mY dear" this evening about at school essay thing given by a teacher) and I figure the ray of light will light up my life as in the photo...but not sampai burnt pulak hehe. Macammana, tak boleh stop typing, I must get a beauty sleep..., must sign out with a sweet good night. Till I type again...Yawn!!...mengUAP sangat ni....but I don't snore.

The BABY Pose

Create "Beginner's Mind" as I could view the world as a child and let myself be born anew. Guess, im typing my mind in a blog's somebody brainchild whatever it is I'm taking a baby steps to explore this unique womb which I got the brilliant footsteps from somebody. The child's pose that I love the most, it is also known as fetus or babYpose where the forehead rest gently on the ground, seat moves steadily on the heels and palms open to the sky.


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