March 5, 2013

wander, wall, window

I wander to Publika from Traders Hotel, stopped at Mandarin Oriental. The wall is an attraction itself. The right photo taken can be printed out as a live window view.

Traders Hotel, KL

Mandarin Hotel 

painting, paste, print
with love

school, song, salam

My son wakes up with enthusiasm to school, straight to shower and put on school uniform and eat a piece of raisins bread. Then I go down to have my breakfast, have vitamins with peppermint tea.

In the car we both listen to Yusuf Islam's compilation. One of the beautiful songs is Heart of A Muslim

part of the lyrics...

In our poor meager state,
little food on our plate
Mother said she was glad
always sharing what we had
When I asked how can we share
what's not enough?
She said our heart filled with love

At the school, he takes my hand as how he salams with me and kiss back of my palm and I said to him pray everything will be fine today and you'll see papa at noon, love you.
sorry it takes ages to upload a new pic for now, above is the pic of his at the age of 1 year old 
advance, arise, align with love


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