July 29, 2009

JigSaw Puzzles of Life

I gladly found a joy piece of excitement to assemble in my mind that my brother in a photo doing headstand-pose. He did it while he was in our neighbouring country recently. He was in casual wear touring and was not in fitness gear to prepare the headstand-pose. He knew better that he supposed to do BabY-pose right after Headstand-pose to overcome the fear combined relaxation the nerves back to normal. Some said to stand on the head is unnatural but head is down is so much natural as an embrio in feotus during eight months cycle.

As I'm enjoying the joy, suddenly I lost the unexpected piece of news, it was about my former fitness exercise student had passed away for good. She had enthusiasm to get fit for living and she had gone suddenly at the age almost 50. It was great to teach her and she came early before I was ready. It really saddenend me after receiving a call from my mother to aknowledge a loss of a friend to mother and a neighbour who gave friendly gesture to the neighbouring area. She will be in my thoughts and prayers always.

Teaching synchronicity of breathing and body movement exercise was enjoyable turned sour after learnt about my student. I used to instruct physical exercise by the swimming pool and that too I wondered the owner of the pool liked it or not that I turned her pool garden to a studio one time. The owner came to join though most of the time didn't show up in most of the class and yet was around to observe the class which I didn't mind. I'm recalling at this moment how it started to teach fitness exercise and die healthy, that's not all my intention.

I'm flashing back, way in the beginning before the loss pieces of puzzle had lost that was passion brought instructing the non-English speaking westerners and my edited speech turned up as said here...

Hi everybody!

I am Babypose and it will be my pleasure to conduct this first physical exercise session with you.

Before we start, let me quickly brief you about a few things that might be of general interest:

As far as it goes for clothing: There is no specific dress code, but the general rule is to wear something that does not restrict you even in extreme movements. For the ladies: You might want to cage your breasts a bit as gravity reverses during upside down positions.

The exercise is done barefooted, so be aware of the fact that your toes and nails will be visible.

When it comes to personal exercise equipment I suggest to invest at first in your own fitness mat. Other than that please bring a towel to the classes, which will be used to assist in some postures.

I also want to issue a few cautions, as there are some conditions where this physical movements can have unwanted consequences. Please consult with your doctor if you suffer or suffered from cardio vascular conditions including high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke, history of joint problems, serious neck and back problems, glaucoma and hernias.

A tip for the ladies again: You can practice the exercise during your menstruation, but I suggest to avoid inverted positions.

Are there any questions? No? Ok, then I think we should start. So are you ready?

Good! Our goal for today is easy. Calming the mind to start with, some common postures and relaxation to end with. I will demonstrate to you how things are being done, so you can watch me, thereafter I will instruct you step by step. I might need to assist individually and physical contact may be required please let me know if you feel uneasy about this.

Lets go straight to calm down to get inner silence and some distance from the hectic outside.

Sit on your seat bone……………legs crossed to easy pose or lotus pose, hands on knees, shoulders relaxed, spine and neck straight, head slightly bend forward, eyes closed, breathe through the nose, tongue on upper gummen, jaws slightly closed, focus on your breathing, slow deep breathing….

Life is too short for us to see, it is enough lenght who had passed away to rest in peace. Al-fatihah


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