June 28, 2009

Bali-Feb 09

I'm craving for a holiday, I just came back from one and now wanting for another. Is this normal having big appetite for travelling abroad especially.

Earlier on this year I stepped on the island of Bali, thots of sensual holiday, tourists, views, ocean, furnitures too... I thought of be really Bali..ed, more sensual I supposed :)

Of coz not forgetting of famous indulgence head to toe spa here... Deep thought of dinner out or candle light dinner on the beach by the bon fire:). Purposely watch movie in - on the couch or night movie out in the cinema, walk along the beach or along the market and paused for trading rupiah with souvenirs lol or common things like snapping photos. Feminine dress or casual as usual with accessories or be accessibled:) Slippers or sandals with big flowers on top. Hair down or up with big flower clip on as an island flower girl wink wink;) Have a drink outdoor at the balcony or at the cafe corridor, sipping one cup each or shared a glass of juice with two flexible straws :)

Again a flower slipped at the ear allowed moods whispering in... Sight seeing in Tanah Lot, Nusa Dua, Kuta and being seen at the Kechak dances and copycat the dance together:) Skip the temple statues, yet appeared at the tail of the eyes, scary<_> Mind runs, sure wonders and wanders...follow with body massage with strawberry oils or lavender oil of selected choice, breeze through an opened window, followed with avocado cream bath is a must in the magazine I read, one after another as wished, followed with hot flowers bath with lemon scents as deep wished granted hopefully... thought of going to Bali became reality. Be a Bali or be an exaggerating tourist lol..your choice here. Gotta be! A short stay yet a sweet experience, I must say:) "Sweet Bali with Honey Baby" Selamat Ya! Kunjung Lagi! .....Sudah Pasti akan Kem BALI ! Long for another hehe...

As for now, we are heading to Fruits Carnival to buy Durian :) Have a nice day ahead!

June 24, 2009

Yes I'm a MommY

and am a makcik makcik too, like auntie auntie...:) The description of my profile don't go quite right for me now because I'm married. Wifey cum mommy and yet to maintain yummy to hubby and relatives and girlfriends :) The blog's name remains as I love baby...and I want a baby girl, Ameen. I have a side story of the above I said. I will write in a new post about it. Sometimes it's miracle but prayers from my parents is important. So I pray for what I want and I'm grateful for what I've got. Also remind my mother to keep on praying for me. InsyaAllah.

June 22, 2009

Papua New Guinea

I dream of Australia but my husband told me that the possiblity of a living in Papua New Guinea, an island near Australia, almost, before Oz hehe...but not Austolia hehe... oh Geography :)

I always want to live in overseas where the four seasons countries which I dreamt the most for a living not for home, just for an experience to live on. I've lived there once in Europe, even have a part-time job in a gym of an Old folks home which is a very nice experience. The golden girls and boys live in a condo like a normal ones here but with a different management. The management there are like caretakers whom the backgrounds are nursing edu, physicians etc.

It is compulsory for the residents here to put on the emergency handband. One lady lives alone, most of them actually, she fell in the bathroom and couldn't lift herself up and that button on her wrist band where easy enuf to press in that kind of situation. The caretaker got the signal and rushed to help her at no time because they are in house service.

The living in a condo like that, they don't feel like they live in a dorm or hostel, they have a nice apartment of many sizes, some live in a Suite if they can afford it. As normal people, some prefer to cook for themselves and even invite their kids or grandchildren to join for dinner or lunch or breakfast in the garden as they like. Some prefers lunch box to be delivered at their doors :)

The place provides parking space for those who drive and also busses to the cities, groceries stores etc and also trips to the lake during summer or to the hill during winter. That's the different culture where they've decided for themselves where their social money(EPF) should go.

Papua New Guinea should be the tittle? naaa...hehe...

June 17, 2009

World Ocean Day 2009

It takes place annually on June 8th and created in 1992 to recognise the sea's importance as a vital ecosystem...hmm that I've read and also I've visited Sea Exhibition here, and the photos should be ready soon. La Mer is part of its partnership with Oceana to raise awareness for W.Ocean day. "La Mer" that I love caught my attention to read the article. So celebrate the Ocean day with awareness. Sea ya soon ;P

June 14, 2009

Nobody's blogging :(

I guess they have so much to do things out there til no time to even sit and type, some told me out of ideas to blog, that's the most truth. Blogging is a good idea coz I came across an ad that we can print out the blog into a book eg a coffee table book as I have yet to have a proper photo albums and I think this blog will be one as the last resort. Of coz blog that I have is like nagging to some, rattling, rambling, leave me alone one might say or keep all to yourselves hehe... As for me blog is an enjoyable once, I kind of keep it at distance at one point and I don't mind it now and also I will initiate or assist to do one new blog for some here, one will be a swimmer as he's signed up for a training course as a world swimmer, in that blog is about his groomin time for life.

Photo posted of yesterday. Hmmm today is better than yesterday, InsyaAllah. For those, don't want to change today as today as good as yesterday :) All depends... Now is 8:38 am is time for breakfast yet some still sleep like a baby...yesterday I had cucur udang, what's coming for today, we'll see. Alhamdulillah.

June 11, 2009


I want to make Australia sweet living place. Yes, I wanna live there. I must live there soon or now. Amin.

June 8, 2009


and I felt like home all the way. I love the trip and the most was to KL :) its special occasion, unplanned but turned up the best, I love it this time, Hi-Tea at Hi-Place among the Hi Class people. Alhamdulillah. The whole trip was a home retreat as if we were testing the water how home would be in an island of lagends, we went out unplanned, visited Pak cik, dinner at his Lighthouse, went to buy stuffs, went out for tea, massage, strolled along the beach, swam in the rough wave:) took a flight to KL, went to the city and dropped by at eating place under the tree, relaxed by the pool when we felt like doing it as if we have our new routine, unsecheduled but great one, I was told at the end of the trip. I was more than glad to hear that :)
Pak cik's house is beautiful and I admired it so much, the attraction concept whether the host like it or not but the repeat visitors will keep on visiting, for a glance or for a small chat there, located on the hill in the wood. At the edge as you enter you will pass the caretaker's house, compact cosy malay house, then past another malay house meant for visitors' of all around the world, then past the hall house built for Cook with Shook session, then you up there at the peak where the resort cosy warm welcoming home that every visitor will fall in love, and leisurely will return for sure! Some would have the imaginations to stay in Langkawi for good :) as it also crossed in my head to create the same kind of vibes to some of here where people finding us / nemo / for more without any invitation or initiate it :p. As always, nak mai lagi., that's the most familiar sayings here!

June 3, 2009

Life is Wonderful

is the song that you are listening now in the background of my blog... Its beautiful song. I learned about the singer from Ocean Girl. I fell in love with this song " Life is wonderful" at no time. Some say life is short, make it sweet, but to me Life is forever as whatever today's doings are forever between the Creator. As goes to the saying Time flies actually, time takes time, as to become a better me today, from a babY to a girl to a ladY hehe... and time is here for me.
Past, present, future but obviously the photos posted are all past. Past life relates to the future that is eternity. We wander to move on in life wonderously as Jason Mraz 's lyrics, one relates to another to make it present time livelY. Life goes full circle as you aware that's it.

June 2, 2009

Couch Potato Time

I was a couch potato last night as I watched You've got mail and some others. You've got mail is a light comedy movie. One point of my life, when I've got mail could be the happiest moment, some say carried away or overboard even reminded to put our feet on the ground.
I love the movie, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. The shop girl's house is cosy especially her desk where the laptop is, nice comfy spot. A laptop and a nice desk like mine as in the picture mmmm as if we've got everything eg surfing, emailing, blogging :) It's not the desk, not the laptop but the "connect" to the world that makes our life a click away from others. Stay put but you are travelled away. Internet, is a need that I love, not forgetting airports that a port away to the world physically:), I like airports so much too, flying is the best way to travel especially with Malaysian Airlines. I miss those hot towels and welcomed drinks:) Yes madam, anything madam? Fish or chicken? Hmmm... Last sekali, the shop girl said I want it so much to be you, so badly... sort of. Hehe...


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