March 13, 2013

heritage, highlight, hip

I appreciate morning walk with family, its nice and its together to do, if i do yoga, my kid tried and woble eee yah. My hubby would say, ahhh so relieved and relaxed after one pose but I was just getting started and excited to get more exausted :)
The photo taken by Hip project, Bumped with them while walking before breakfast.
Unique, unity, unite
with love,

dad, dine, downtown

hocus pocus say dad, there it is your milk, we went for breakfast downtown, cool paper artist app :)
most of the photo of paper artist turn out satisfactory, i tend to print out to hang on my live timeline. hve u got so excited over something lately :) 
do, dress, date,

bond, brother, book

The bond between brother and sister is cherished by reading a book to baby sister Alhamdulillah.

tahu, tujuan, tenang


its really catch me went the status came up how to be cheerful to start the day. we need the purpose pushes to proceed... and of course passion and pray :)

Bila tahu apa yang diinginkan dan tujuan dan faedah untuk mendapatnya...dan berterus-terang pada diri dan pada orang lain kerana itu adalah doa, akan perasaan tenang dirasai kerana kita luahkan impian kita dan harap didengari oleh yang berkenaan :)


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