July 16, 2009

Late Michael Jackson

I tried to skip Michael Jackson but failed to do so. I let him came into my life long time ago and stayed with me til late to let it past. His concert, I have gone. His poster, I've pasted. His death I've received text message from my mother followed by husband, then friends. His album, I've listened. His progress, I've followed. His songs, I've learned my English. His cassettes of different covers same songs from my nanny had kept my mouth shut that she had gone out while mother at work.

MJ was a boy born normal and turned up an unique extraordinary grown boy. He made his way from anonymous to world wide famous. He couldn't Beat it to his desire to have a new look every season. He was a Man in the mirror saw a Black or White up-close and personal . He couldn't be as Bad as he commited in a Smooth Criminal that made tons of money ending up a lot of debts I wasn't sure. He Heal the world and sang We are the world made it his name here. He was the oooh...the ahhh..the awwhhh kid. He is a Michael Jackson who still rocks the world. The show of him will never over.
The curious case that has yet to diagnose. Now I came to realise about him positively, I've written.


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