June 14, 2009

Nobody's blogging :(

I guess they have so much to do things out there til no time to even sit and type, some told me out of ideas to blog, that's the most truth. Blogging is a good idea coz I came across an ad that we can print out the blog into a book eg a coffee table book as I have yet to have a proper photo albums and I think this blog will be one as the last resort. Of coz blog that I have is like nagging to some, rattling, rambling, leave me alone one might say or keep all to yourselves hehe... As for me blog is an enjoyable once, I kind of keep it at distance at one point and I don't mind it now and also I will initiate or assist to do one new blog for some here, one will be a swimmer as he's signed up for a training course as a world swimmer, in that blog is about his groomin time for life.

Photo posted of yesterday. Hmmm today is better than yesterday, InsyaAllah. For those, don't want to change today as today as good as yesterday :) All depends... Now is 8:38 am is time for breakfast yet some still sleep like a baby...yesterday I had cucur udang, what's coming for today, we'll see. Alhamdulillah.


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