June 30, 2008

Today in History

the 30th of June is the peak of the mid of the year. It is in the centre of the year. Really in the middle of the 12 months but its the end of the first half year. Tomorrow is the second half year begins. Hope I define it which is good enuf to understand. Half year has gone with full of memories. Ends with a ticket from the DBKL as I simply parked my gadget (its cute how mY dear declared a car) at the yellow line. I told loved ones, one said don't let it bother me, it's like setitik nila rosak susu sebelanga if I get upset over it. Relates to my blog, the background is dark, the writing stand out quite well - just the opposite. Susu is white n healthy, nila ruins all:) Coz I live life to the most appreciations till it comes with kena summon. I panicked... and get over it!

June 29, 2008

Bonds of Love

Why are you so sad And why is it so bad
When some one leaves you behind

Won't you ever know
Don't you realize It's just a part of life
When you fall in love With some one some time
It's smile with a broken heart

Oh falling in love With Allah....The bonds of love survive

No mountain too high when there's way
Come to Allah you'll never fail
The truth's so close it shall prevail

Allah, we belong to You
And everything we do We do it all for You

Allah, always by our side
Guiding us to the light
Everything shines bright
No matter day or night

The End

of the weekend. Another best new week awaits. My fingers stucked at the keyboard instead they are should be at the iron and my body against the iron board, housechores should be made up earlier. I delay it till late... as I went to meet up with my cute and witty nephew and presented him a gift for his new study desk. I'm thinking about a new concept of a lifestyle, some adjustment and yet interesting and improving. Again thinking and wishing, and Allah decides the best for me. As for the moment, Spiderman movie on the side...printer can be used again, a comfy bed untuk bermimpi....Alhamdulillah

Thots & Prayers

I don't go for dark color, black especially. Being in the dark is a must to be true to myself, believe in Do'a. When I think of a car driving through the night. The headlights only go a 30 - 60 meter forward, and I can make it all the way from wp to bb, driving through the dark, because all I have to see is the next 5o meter. And thats how life tends to unfold before me. If I just trust that the next 50 meter will unfold after that, and the next 50 meter will unfold after that, my life will keep unfolding-terus membuka haluan. And it will eventually get I to the destination of whatever it is I truly want, because I want it. Kisah benar, which I myself must believe it, it's been sometimes I've never been out of the country, the last was in 2006 to our neighbouring Jakarta. People around me travelled recently, I was wishing to get somewhere out of the country temporarily. The power of thinking that Allah grants me a ticket via an sms and a knock at the door, now I got a gateway ticket, to somewhere in the above photo posted. Im going as a "tourist abis", with a good companion, InsyaAllah.

June 28, 2008

At 3 Am

I gawk and enjoy about this new blogging, editing, browsing, thinking, typing, clicking and posting, in short Blog cultivates mY inner innocence to surrender and letting go to the "untold" without jugdement or criticism as I just realised while creating the complete profile. I chose the dark background (as my conversation with "mY dear" this evening about at school essay thing given by a teacher) and I figure the ray of light will light up my life as in the photo...but not sampai burnt pulak hehe. Macammana, tak boleh stop typing, I must get a beauty sleep..., must sign out with a sweet good night. Till I type again...Yawn!!...mengUAP sangat ni....but I don't snore.

The BABY Pose

Create "Beginner's Mind" as I could view the world as a child and let myself be born anew. Guess, im typing my mind in a blog's somebody brainchild whatever it is I'm taking a baby steps to explore this unique womb which I got the brilliant footsteps from somebody. The child's pose that I love the most, it is also known as fetus or babYpose where the forehead rest gently on the ground, seat moves steadily on the heels and palms open to the sky.


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