August 10, 2009

The Wrap-Up Show

August is in the second half of a new year 2009. It has been good with little things, and has yet the biggest deal or event to come after the biggest one that was having a nice "Breakfast at Hartamas" while listening to this song "To Love Somebody". You are right Michael Bolton, it is nice to love somebody.

When I was young,
My fondest wish
Was a marriage,
that could be this good,
That breakfast didn't happen at Tiffany,
but the one with you to cherish.

I reminisce this trip as the better trip as yet to come, it will never be the better one I guess, as it is the best ever had.I wanted to achieve the best career minded employee before I leave. So there I was the best beauty queen hehe... among the best. Since I've haven't got a new news to break, I cherished the view infront of my ngaji school. I go to school every morning and I'm loving the views from there every minute. Sometimes I didn't want to blink my eyes coz didn't want to miss a thing :) Though sometimes I missed this road, I am keeping in touch with the people who still use this road and making plans to see them.I have no choice but to cherish the view every minute while driving to school, it's the beauty of God's creation all around me. I managed to snap the photo while driving, it is really a joyride experience. The view from my passenger's window was just amazing.

I was making time to visit Kenny Roger's outlet, but never been to one here near my house. I've baked Kenny Roger's chicken in my kitchen then, tasted almost the same, otherwise I adjusted my tongue to taste it good:)

It has been eight months in the new year, I've set the goal and yet the goal is taking its sweet times to arrive. My part is to pray and hope. Cherish vs Wish are both winners. That's the mid of wraping up of a new year. I have four months to go to get what I wish. When the time comes, I will put it as a headline :) Meanwhile I will cherish every moment and keep wishing and praying so that the real Wrap-up of the year ends with a happy note.


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