January 25, 2014

Rutin Malam

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Faiq at eating time

Exercise princess

The view at sister's

"I make milo for two because sipping hot drink is still soothing for adult like me"

After dinner, watching tv is my next favorite thing to do. It is a long way to reach to our tv area as the dishes are need to be cleaned first, the table to be cleared before. I separate the leftover food in small plastic and sometimes they are transit in fridge or else straight in the dustbin.My better half helps along if the kids do not need any attention. I fix their milk and fix me and hubby a cup each of milo. I fix milo on the kitchen cabinet where i put four jars filled with sugar, anlene milk powder, oats and milo separately. Its convenient for us to have a quick drinks nightly.Sometimes if time permits, I get to sit on a sofa in the living room and enjoy the simple decor that we did.

-Dinner at the nook when the maid not around-The decor observation takes very short time because I pray at the end of the schedule and bring milo for two up and have it after overslept while waiting for the kids asleep as my son goes to bed at 9pm and sleep after two bottles of milk. -The trial position living room -"The cold milo warm the night and give' good night sleep".I would like to express my gratitude to my aunt who made milo for her kids before bed which I do now for myself and hubby.

Wiser to wish...

Thursday, 23 January 2014

I have experience that moves me to exactly that I want to own

Early on I wanted so much to have a business to develop income in my pocket, but I got "busyness"
Kiosk at Tesco Curve
Yummilicious Cupcakes


that I could not attend to anything even to snap photos of my activities at that time. I chose cupcakes as products and I produced them myself, the productions become heavy took my energy for the right things, people and activities.I tried even open a kiosk at Tesco, Mutiara Damansara, I got the supporters were my family, my mom came and bought many. It was fun but it is easy as I sell food and people come to us, we do not have to say please come and try and all, but off course they asked a lot of questions.The income that was my aim, not the busyness that get me so occupied til no time for others.

My hubby encourages activities that he can be part of it not like me spending in the kitchen when he is around. That awakes me too, so even blogging I get him involve like reading or get some ideas what to blog.He likes if i told jokes about my dad because my dad is a spontanneous jovial person.

"One example is that I baked cupcakes took sometimes to finish one batch yet it is not healthy but it is a happy moment to eat it. But my dad said "ala the easy way is to put two piece of daun or leaves (2 helai daun salad), apply mayonaise and add shrimps and ready to eat,  semua ni trick ja, charge dekat RM20/- as he had it at Ikea.

I think it is so true and funny too. I pray for income not extra coming moves to fill my time so i start saving with the money that I tend to buy flour, sugar and etc :)


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