May 31, 2009

I've got flip-flops!

And ready for holidaying...the beautiful ones I've got from Batu Feringhi last night. Really girly, as some already knew, backless but not so flat sole and yes held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap, a thin-thong...I'm describing flip-flops okay or also known as selipar...
I have the leather sandals that I want to wear them forever, that's why I chose leather...but that I had in Singapore last August, its Hush Puppies, and it suits me. That makes me think whether its worth or not the money trades with the rubber sandals that dries up our foot.
They are just flip-flops and I think so much of it til the past crossed back in my head that mom used to tell me as I like to have fancy shoes to school, high cut like guys shoes, branded ones as trend. Mom told that abahwan my late grandfather bought her shoes that last for six years, that means the biggest size that can be worn from year one til year six...that's the vision he had that one should have. Then cut them backless that can be worn as sandals. Not sure it true or not, must ask mom again about it :)

The flip-flops make me flipped the book about the past to flow the blog of the future. I just mind the present to enjoy the flip-flops that gives the mood to gateaway.


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