November 29, 2011

Spice Girls

Do I look like one of them? Just for laughs :) I'm in love with spice n herbs stuffs. I've made herbal juice plus spices drinks not long ago. I love it, it is a very soothing and calming drink. Later I will share with you the ingredients of the drink, so you can make the drink yourself at the comfort of your home and you will feel like in a cosy Spa while sipping it :) Now I am blogging about herbs and spices as recently, I just read an article that could not help to bookmark the joy of reading and also to experience it "Live" in visiting a place called "Spice Villages". Spice villages are located all over Kerala the most advanced state in India which also earned its reputation as the Venice of the East!.

In the article said upon arrival,the arduous journey will be forgotten as you indulge in a sensory experience like never before. The interesting part that I love the most is that not only spices n herbs grown in every nook and corner, most spice village operators enhance the experience by using herbal or spice products in just about everything.

Examples are lemongrass floor cleansers which not only keep the floors sparkling clean, but also emit a sweet sharp scent that keeps insects away. It's also common to find large pieces of raw ginger hanging from restaurant roofs as decor or spices in large gunny sacks tucked at corners.

There, you can also learn how to use spices and herbs in your daily life to become happier, healthier and perhaps wealthier - I heard this many times that natural ingredients in a vitamins that smell like alfafa, we can rest assured that it's genuine from herbs. I love the smell and to know the farm is ecological or organic that can produce such vitamins. You can start by learning to identify them by names and scents - a task made easy by the conscientious tagging of each spice or herb in the gardens.

Infact in my home I use only organic solutions. I feel safe and so natural with the products that are no harm to rivers and cruelty free. I'd like to tell more of herbs that work. Perhaps laterrrr loves:)


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