June 8, 2009


and I felt like home all the way. I love the trip and the most was to KL :) its special occasion, unplanned but turned up the best, I love it this time, Hi-Tea at Hi-Place among the Hi Class people. Alhamdulillah. The whole trip was a home retreat as if we were testing the water how home would be in an island of lagends, we went out unplanned, visited Pak cik, dinner at his Lighthouse, went to buy stuffs, went out for tea, massage, strolled along the beach, swam in the rough wave:) took a flight to KL, went to the city and dropped by at eating place under the tree, relaxed by the pool when we felt like doing it as if we have our new routine, unsecheduled but great one, I was told at the end of the trip. I was more than glad to hear that :)
Pak cik's house is beautiful and I admired it so much, the attraction concept whether the host like it or not but the repeat visitors will keep on visiting, for a glance or for a small chat there, located on the hill in the wood. At the edge as you enter you will pass the caretaker's house, compact cosy malay house, then past another malay house meant for visitors' of all around the world, then past the hall house built for Cook with Shook session, then you up there at the peak where the resort cosy warm welcoming home that every visitor will fall in love, and leisurely will return for sure! Some would have the imaginations to stay in Langkawi for good :) as it also crossed in my head to create the same kind of vibes to some of here where people finding us / nemo / for more without any invitation or initiate it :p. As always, nak mai lagi., that's the most familiar sayings here!


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