July 19, 2008

Flash Back

Bangkok was the city I landed last weekend. I treasure the trip. Its a survival country, little things can trade with money, fast lane in imitation, I salute the alertness and how fast the effort copying job done - one look is Prada, second look is Proda hehe...

I took a break there, I walked to Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok. I took cab to CakCuCak, I stopped for Boots stuff, I eyed things, I bought slippers, a mug, I grabbed chopstick set. I visited shops & Loft, I rode the skytrain. I thoughts of the Wats. I missed someone. I smsed loved ones in my country land. I was lead by a good companion. Someone read the map. I sat on Tuttut. I eat at Turkish. Someone crossed my mind. I captured photos with a baby elephant. I wished a ride on that sweet and slow motion animal. I left my footprint at the Siam Paragon and signature too, yes I used credit card oops!!!...I wore a nice t-shirt SOMEONE WHO LOVES ME VERY MUCH WENT TO DUBAI U.A.E. AND GOT ME THIS SHIRT:) I bumped to a stranger who gave compliment on the shirt. ahem ahem..

Bangkok, I'll come back with loaded cash in hand next time.

Mama's BirthdaY

Happy birthday Mak. I know that your born day is not so important to you. But I just take today the 19th to wish you "the best of life is always be yours". Off course I got a tangible thing for you to proof how much it means of my wish:) I don't simply wish, I got you something, a Bonia handbag, its not much different, but its time for you to change the antique Braun Buffel bag that you are carrying now. Already busuk hehe...

I love you mak, I'm touched when I recieved sms from you which ends with Luv you Yang in every sms. I thank you for all your prayers. You are my sunshine, a best friend that never can be compared, an advisor-always came out with the best one, counsellor, consultant, a certified coach, trainer, a reader, a state dental matron pensioner, a mobile encyclopedia most of the most. I never heard you wish anything, you are contented with what you have. You have me and you have the best man on earth - Bapa.


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