July 2, 2009

Emails from the Vault :)

Hey Autie,

I busy doing my english project for more marks on my EXAM. Its no biggy. I got some tips on study. first u must be relaxed, refresh & happy do study. In a bad mood can make u do some weird thing like a simple question u got it wrong & hard to figure it out when u accualy know these thing. I know this because one day I was mad because someone toke down my ads ads on my class SCIENCE bulitin board. So I made an investigation on this case. I went to look for my missing ads on science. I look every where it would be hiding & it took me 3days to find it in my locker @ school. Then I remembered that I took it off because no one was interested. I was embraresed with myself I was the person who stole his own things. Funny hmmm? So I think you will reply. Bye E-mail u later.

Hey Autie,

So how r u? Im fine. Thanks. I miss so much really!!!Sorry for not e-mailing or calling. I was busy with taking care of myself. Mak Cik left so I have to cook, clean & take care of my stuff and health. So I hope youre doing well. I having an exam so I might be away. But I will try my best to keep in touch with U. k? I have changed my e-mail address to & I just wondering if u have msn messager. I cant get YAHOO account because it said that I need an adult to sign me up. Mak Tok also said that she sent her regards & she said that she prays for u & wishs good health and happniess. I have a MSN account I made for me @ school. My typing skills have improve because my work for school always needs computers to do. Really annoying anyway but easier.

Your nepfew,
Yes I love you my nephew :)


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