January 16, 2014

I am glad for the humming birds to wake us up in the morning

The post was written on Oct 2013

And the morning prayers energize me and the prayers keep me going. After I folded my prayer mat, I open our bedroom windows' curtains with gratefulness how the beautiful views I see it every morning. Sometimes it crosses in my mind whether will I get a better view next or at the same time or both. Just some thoughts to have more of the world when I look at the sky and the trees' line that separate the earth near me.

I tied curtains in the middle like tying a girl's long hair with the curtain pins. I find it so nice and cozy with the plain curtains that flow down nicely and moves when the wind blows in.

Not long I had to turn to the messed bed and leave the relax view behind and quick thinking where and how should I start again my morning...

It takes a fast decision to make at that point whether to make the bed or make the milk for the kids...

1. Fix milk for kids
2. Make the bed to wake the kids up
3. Kiss him
4. Walk with the kids to the bathroom
5. Give him tooth paste and the brush
6. Bathe him while he brushes teeth
7. Towel
8. Let him put on his clothes or uniforms by himself
9. Let him sit and give him Gardenia raisins bread

Then his sister's turn, repeat the same thing with less talking for them to focus on doing.
But no.9. Give her a bottle of milk.

While I get dress up and grab my bag and fill the school bag with 1 set of clothes, small towel and brunch box and water bottle.

Call them down, carry Fadya down straight to the car and faiq walked himself to the car. But he stops for insects or bugs at the porch. And say "look mama, ants. Then i would "how many? Or what colour?".

Once they are in the car, I buckle them up in the car seats. Give the milk to faiq as fadya's sticks at her.

Switch on the Yusuf Islam compilation, the kids love the songs even sing along.

If we arrive early, faiq's teacher would be there to greet him with a pleasant smile that cheered sheikh the name they call faiq.

I thank God for at least a quarter of my day had done, sometimes end up breakfast out with my loving husband and lovely daughter Fadya. Lucky me and love it so much when that happens. I know the rest of the day would be better til night and the next.
Fadya at breakie time

View from the window

I would like to thank my best friend Mrs Lyna Osman for getting me back of my blog for her encouragement and reminder In our conversation this afternoon. Thanks and lots of love, Fair


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