February 20, 2013

3 little words

When the change of the year on the last day of 2012, I wished myself  - ritual,  revive, renew so that the new year 2013 will be positive, productive, purified. I have never thought that the purified happened first. Suddenly and out of expectation, it turned my life awaken in asleep. It is a good sign, wake up during midnight usually because of my babies asked for supper milk, what was I supposed to do, go back to sleep will never happen but only after they are full. So I take a chance to ritual, could change for the betterment, calm in the after. The ritual is not easy in the morning though, it eases many complicated things. Ritual is tahajud or hajat or simply any solat sunat.

My life is newed  because we had change so much in the menu, we got to go for a walk after work. The new maid cook healthy as she grilled most with raw salad. She had work in Saudi Arabia, so she is kind of international way of cooking, lucky us. She reads Al-Quran on Friday nights. But didn't continue now, I wonder, is it because of me, didn't do the same or the schedule kind of tight. But, I listen to the verses in the car while sending my kid to school. I read tafsir the english and the malay one, she saw that. I remember I always made note to myself so that I can remember easily but to figure it now is hard. Now I want to recall what I wrote that I wanted to do - Want Wish Wonders, yes yes this is the favourite 3 little words, wish is the Doa that I asked from Allah to give, first I have to know what I want then just doa(wish) til I get it, makbul, Wonderful Alhamdulillah.

I want so many things, til I asked something just happened right away, that's just amazing. Becareful with what you wishing for, whether it is good for you or not. When it happened it is the best thing ever happened to us, Think, Tell, Thankful. Yes I think about it and tell about it to Allah, loved ones, talk about it as if I already have it, Thank Allah and everyone, every minute what I see that satisfy me, and I get silence to say prayers in my heart. That's how I looked calm :) Would love to hear from you how you spend your world in your thinking...I shall share with you another 3 little words, task, travel, therapy :)) easy three, see thee..

little, least, love,


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