February 19, 2013

Bali, Indonesia

We had a baby and also had the plan headed Bali after two months, our little einstein was born. We were in doubt to bring or not to bring, thoughts and prayers made our way to the Kuta, Bali with our juniors. The trip was a relaxing, free and easy one, we packed the importants, we recycle the used by washing and used dryer. The travel light lighted the trip in Bali. At the day of Silence (hari nyepi) we spent it on the second day, the silence said everything, the appearance of human movements, natural light and wind to go through the 24 hours day, water splashed from the pool made the noise, the filter is on or not didnt cross in mind, this shows to come back to listen to our breathing, sneezing maybe and of our imagination of how and what the thinking maybe. I had a treat with my sister and mom at the spa, the body massage past the few hours, relax the body but the mind on my kids with their dad, was hoping they had fun too somewhere in the building. We stayed at the Kuta +Best Western.

Leo of Little Einstein
The third day, after breakfast at Best Western, Bali, off we took a van to the volcano. we had lunch at the restaurant with the volcano view, continue the journey with buying the cloths sold by the locals, they came to us like wanted our signatures but they wanted to trade the money with their goods, the fact to live.

Along the way was stalls selling nona fruits, didn't get to stop, though we wanted so but the van was faster than the sound from the back asking for it. So arrived we at the Tanah Lot at the end of the agenda on the late evening, the waves from the lot says a lot of amazing creation, I took the photo and blocked the view as souvenir home.

We are forced to go back as it was very late, on the way to the hotel, discussion over to do hair bath took place and decision made to the hotel to rest was the best.

The bargain cheered us up for one each of knitted throw for me and brother. Off we continue the journey. The baby took it well though quite tough for her first time. Many times of other country/ travel places for her brother, Leo of Little Einsteins. I cited a lot of doas as the places are made of concrete faces every corner, look different some. Alhamdulillah all is fine after.

"lil einstein in arms was so closed then" >
Padi field terrace was just amazing, all kind of green you can define, so structured by the hill, the gazebos to relax and sipping tea. Looking at it was loving it. Bali was the trip we went to start the journey but left thinking going back there to discover the other side of Bali. When the money permits, other country we proceed, hope you do too as around the house is nice to discover when time permits. Catch ya later

love & thots,



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